Why I Don't Drink in College

Why I Don't Drink in College

I'm not your typical college partier, and here is why...

jennie velez

College is supposed to be a time to enjoy yourself. Especially if you never really enjoyed high school. College is all about trying new things and meeting new people. It's about gaining experiences and reaching for opportunities. It's about developing relationships and engaging in activities. It's about partying all the time! Yes, partying! Of course partying has to be included. It's a tradition to party. The first thing that comes to people's mind about college is the "partying." So what's the big deal? It's not like it's hurting anybody. Everybody has fun at parties. And of course, you can't party without alcohol! Otherwise, the night would be subpar. If you don't drink you would just be excluded from everybody else at the party and feel like such an idiot. Why go to college in the first place if you can't handle some beer?

Those are just bits and pieces of the things that I have heard people say about drinking in college. That escalated quickly, huh?

I have nothing against people drinking alcohol. They're grown adults and can make responsible decisions. Everybody has their vice. I've noticed that alcohol has become a companion to having fun, a social obligation. Growing up, I used to think drinking beer was cool. It felt like the right thing to do as an adult. If everyone is doing it so should I, right?

But I learned what alcohol truly is and all that it can do to your body. I quickly began to look at alcohol in a different perspective. It no longer was the coolest thing to do, it was actually one of the most harmful things to do. I kept hearing stories of how people have died from consuming too much alcohol or having prolonged health issues that can be irreversible. It petrified me knowing that alcohol could kill me. I now look at alcohol the same way as smoking a cigarette or doing any illicit drug. I abstain completely. But my personal views doesn't mean your opinion on alcohol is the same. A lot of people drink and don't view it as being dangerous. I'm not the type of person that forces my opinions on everybody but I would like to leave a reminder. Just a little something for you to think about and consider.

To me, life is all about having fun. Simple as that. Nothing should ever be complicated. I never worry about what people think of me and I always look to the bright side. When you're drug dependent, your life isn't what it used to be. You're not young, wild and free when you're on drugs. You're a slave to it. When you aren't responsible, you fall through the cracks and it can happen a lot faster than you think. I don't ever want to be dependent on a bottle, syringe, pipe or pill and neither should you.

Life should be enjoyed by the realities that can be so beautiful. Experiencing the moment without being impaired. But reality, as you may know, can sometimes suck. One day you might lose a close friend, your girlfriend may dump you, you lose your job or you feel disrespected. Life will test you and put you at a low. But that's okay; we all go through that. If life sucks, look at what you have that some people don't. If you have food, friends and a home, you're already doing good for yourself. Be grateful everyday for what you have. Many people tend to look towards alcohol as a last resort to bring back the happiness. They also may pander to other drugs as well to make it even better. You can't always heal with a narcotic. You can't cheat your way to happiness, you have to find it the natural way.

If you drink, think about why you're drinking in the first place. Most of you should know that alcohol isn't good for you and can cause serious harm. Did somebody peer pressure you? Did you want to fit in? Do you just enjoy getting drunk? We've all found ourselves in a position at some point. If you drink and don't feel the need to stop, maybe think about what I just said. Are you too dependent? If you drink and feel the need to stop, ask for help. A lot of people, including myself, are willing to help others in need. Don't be afraid and ashamed, life can get better. Take it from me. I don't drink alcohol because I simply enjoy life as it is. I don't need artificial euphoria. Seeing the world in it's organic image is the better way to live a healthy life. So go ahead, put down the bottle. Try it.

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