Nose Collapse After Rhinoplasty
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Nose Collapse After Rhinoplasty

One of the problems encountered in the structure of the nose is the problem of collapse in the nose. Nose collapse, also called saddle nose deformation, can be seen in many people for different reasons.

Nose Collapse After Rhinoplasty

One of the problems encountered in the structure of the nose is the problem of collapse in the nose. Nose collapse, also called saddle nose deformation, can be seen in many people for different reasons.

Nose Collapse After Rhinoplasty

What is Nose Collapse?

The flattened nose shape that occurs due to the gap between the nose root and the tip of the nose due to different reasons is called nose collapse. If we define it in more detail; As you know, the nose is the most protruding part of the human face. The protrusion in question is provided by the nasal bones and cartilages, which function as a roof. For different reasons, a pit can occur between the root of the nose and the tip of the nose. Because of this pit, the appearance of the nose structure more flat and collapsed is called collapse in the nose. Collapse in the nose, also known as 'Boxer's nose' among the people, is also called saddle nose deformity.Does Collapse Happen After Every Rhinoplasty?

A rule or generalization can never be made that all patients who have had rhinoplasty will experience a collapse in the nose after the surgery. As a matter of fact, this negative situation occurs after certain mistakes. Situations such as collapse on the back of the nose or collapse on the edge of the nose may occur after erroneous interventions during the operation. In other words, negative situations such as the collapse of the nose edge depend on the expertise of your rhinoplasty surgeon. As a result, whether nasal collapse occurs after rhinoplasty is related to the success of the interventions of your rhinoplasty surgeon.

Complications After Rhinoplasty May Be Effective

Another possible reason for the collapse of the nose after rhinoplasty is the complication situation in the nose after deviation surgery. After the operations performed to correct the tendency of the cartilage and the bone structures under the cartilage, the support in the said area may decrease. As a result, situations called nasal tip collapse may occur. In order to prevent such negativities in the operations in question, sufficient amount of cartilage should be added to the intervened area. With the involvement of the experience of the rhinoplasty surgeon, the negative situation that may occur is prevented.

What is Nose Wing Collapse?

Nasal wing collapse, which is one of the causes of nasal congestion, means structural narrowing of the nose and dynamic collapse of the nasal edges. This is how the lower inner part of the nose wings, which is the narrowest area in the nasal airway, becomes narrower.

What are the Causes of Collapse in the Nose?

After defining the nasal collapse, we can give the answer to the question "How does the nose collapse happen?" by explaining the reasons for the collapse of the nose. The causes of nasal collapse are basically divided into two.

Nasal collapse can be congenital (genetic) or it can occur later. The causes of collapse in the nose afterwards are basically divided into two. It may be due to a collapse fracture in the back of the nose as a result of a strong blow to the nose, or it may be due to the wrong intervention of a rhinoplasty surgeon by someone who has had a nose surgery. For example, when an inexperienced rhinoplasty surgeon thins the back of the nose more than necessary, collapse may occur at the edge of the nose. If we are to sum up; We can show the biggest causes of collapse in the nose as traumatic and wrong rhinoplasty operation.

How to Identify a Collapse in the Nose?

By presenting the causes of nasal collapse in the previous section, we also answered the question of "When does nasal collapse occur?" In this section, we will provide you with tips on how to understand the collapse on the ridge of the nose.

Collapse on the back of the nose

Collapse at the nose edge

Decreased nasal tip support

Shortening of vertical nose tip length

Retrusion in the lowest part of the nasal septum

How to Fix Nasal Collapse?

In the last part of our article, we will give information about nasal collapse treatment and surgery. There are many methods for nasal collapse surgery (saddle nose surgery). Many grafts and materials can be used for nasal collapse surgery, the main purpose of which is to restore the nose to its original function. These include cartilages taken from the rib, auricle or cadaver, titanium-based materials and silicone-based materials. In general, parts that can be taken from the patient's body are preferred. The reason for this is to prevent tissue reactions and infections that may occur after surgery, albeit a small possibility. However, this preference may be different in different rhinoplasty surgeons.

After the part to be integrated into the nose, which is decided together with the patient, is selected, nasal collapse surgery is performed. Then, as in other nose surgeries, there will be some situations that you need to pay attention to. These will be reported to you by your doctor who performed your nose collapse surgery.

We have come to the end of the blog post we have prepared about the nose collapse after rhinoplasty. Throughout the article, we have tried to answer many questions such as "What is nasal collapse?", "How does nasal collapse happen?" If you have any questions about the subject or want to get information about saddle nose surgery, you can contact us. We wish you healthy days.

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