Normal Is Never Normal
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Being Normal Is Weird And Weird Is Normal

There's no such thing as normal, not on this planet.

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On any random morning, I'll wake up optimistic, ready to go for the day. I'm so happy, it feels unreal.

Other days, I'll wake up moody and craving chocolate, ready to fight someone at the drop of a hat.

I think that's normal. It's okay for emotions to fluctuate and for emotions to be so intense it can be hard to deal with. It's very hard for me to accept things, and while I'm young, I'm trying as hard as I can to understand others. The more I talk to adults, I wonder what normal even looks like. Is it happiness? Comfort? A rigid societal structure?


As an American, I see a lot of people from a lot of different cultures, and when I look at other cultures from the outside, I find them weird. I went to a friend's house and ate cinnamon on rice; now when I go there, I avoid eating because I found it so weird when I was young. When there are so many people in my nation, I find it odd to have to categorize others based on whether they are normal or not. The way people view you ends up affecting your jobs, relationships and eventually you as a person. I hate it.

Depending on the type of people you surround yourself with, the aura of oppression may not even be present, but for others, they live in fear of being themselves. To me normal is healthy, being comfortable with yourself and who you are. It's not the way you act, the way you are or the way you think. None of that truly makes you normal, and everyone's definition of normal changes because all people grow differently. That's what makes everyone special and what gives them value. The beauty of so many different people is the variety of skills and opinions which in sync can make for a kind community.

Normal is a concept that doesn't really exist, but it's pushed, maybe to homogenize the type of world we are living. There is no need for this homogenization, however, as humans are all complex and different in their own ways. There is no true way to control human behavior, so to control people without consequence is simply a fantasy. Those people are all different, and while moral codes may look similar, they may be far apart when it comes to a couple of issues. How does a different perspective somehow make anything less normal?

It doesn't, and either everything is normal, or the concept of normality is relative much like morality. So much like morality, there are some general ideas that translate between cultures near seamlessly, and other ideas behind religion or culture may be in such stark contrast to one another, it creates a divide between groups inside of the nation.

To me, I'll always believe that everyone is normal and weird in their very own way. Individuality only becomes a problem when it hurts the person experiencing the change and the people who love them. As long as no one is hurt, there's no reason to say that I should make you stop doing something, loving something and being yourself.

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