What You Need To Do To Trudge Through Rough Times
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What You Need To Do To Trudge Through Rough Times

When everything just seems to be falling apart we need a little glue to stick ourselves back together.

What You Need To Do To Trudge Through Rough Times
Kelly Rogawski

We all have our bad days. We all fail from time to time. There comes a time when you just feel like you're hit with one bad thing after another and you want to give up. You think it's best to just quit and never look back. That may be true for somethings. Life is about give and take but everything should not be given up. Life is hard. If I learned anything from Mulan, it's that "the flower that blooms in adversity is the most rarest and beautiful of all." We have to push because we all started from nothing.

Sure we hear everyday about a 13 year old going to college and graduating from Harvard. There are those people that are 17 and super stars. X famous scientist never finished school. We all know the stories and how they're supposed to inspire us to be the next Bill Gates but life doesn't work that way. Everyone can't be the next Bill Gates. If we're all rich and famous, is anyone really rich and famous?

The best thing to be is you.

Yeah it's corny, but the world wouldn't be the same without you. Every person you see and every person you talk to and interact with in your life is influenced by you. We've all had that one stranger in our lives that said the wisest words we still hold near and dear to our hearts. There is one person that you have known for maybe a few months and you still hear their advice. You're that person to someone else.

We all have these different timelines. We experience the same events but at different moments. We endure the same struggles. Some people experienced that struggle before you and you've experienced struggles prior to their present struggle. It may seem like we're all just floating around lost at sea but we're all lost at sea. We're all floating in this ocean together. The person to your left may be stung by a jellyfish but you were stung by one last week so you understand their pain.

We all connect.

The emotions we feel and the desire to just give up and just drop out to just end it are no different than the person next to you. We all have a story, we may not know everyone's but they are similar. Someone understand your story and someone has made it through what you're presently struggling through. Sure you failed three exams in one week and you think it's easier to drop out of college and be a housewife but it's not. You know for a fact you're not content with just cooking and cleaning all day. You may think organic chemistry is the worst class ever and chemistry isn't meant to be your major but it probably is. Just because you hate Brit lit doesn't mean you should drop your major. You can't give up your goals because you messed up once. We all have those classes. Everyone has a bad time and it may seem awful but the second these troubles have passed you'll feel so much better. It sucks when you feel like you can;t lose any weight after dieting for a month but you're doing something. You're making an attempt. It's not a participation award that you deserve. You are practicing. This moment is your practice. It's prepping you to win the championship game.

One day you'll look back at it all and realize that these struggles were nothing. It just made you the person you are and it made you stronger.

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