Valentine's day--a world of teddy bears, flowers, chocolates, and Instagram posts. Sometimes the cliches of this day can get old or uncreative. Here are some non-cliche ways to celebrate the day!

1. Go on a hike or outdoor adventure 

What better way to connect than to get outside and enjoy the beauty of nature?

2. Instead of chocolate and cards, write each other long and meaningful letters

Chocolate only lasts for so long, but meaningful letters can last forever.

3. Cook dinner together instead of going out to a fancy restaurant

Save your bf a bunch of money and have fun doing it.

4. Have a cute little photoshoot, but not just for the sake of instagram

Getting dressed up and taking cute photos together will allow you to look back on the day later on (ok but also have a cute photo to post on Instagram

5. Get on your pajamas, order pizza, and have a Netflix marathon for the night

Because it's a lot less effort, and staying in is always a good choice.