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How to mute noise during calls?

Krisp mutes background noise during calls and it's coming for windows soon...

How to mute noise during calls?

Krisp is a new AI-powered application for Mac that mutes background noise during real-time calls. Users can remove their own background noise as well as the background noise from other participants on the call with just one click.

Silicon Valley based tech startup, 2Hz, launched Krisp that improves voice quality and productivity in real-time calls by muting both inbound and outbound noise.

Krisp works with any conferencing app that allows users to change Speaker and Microphone settings. It is available for Mac users and the Windows version is coming soon.

Krisp boosts productivity in real-time calls

Krisp technology is based on Deep Neural Networks (DNN). The process incorporates feeding the neural network with mixed datasets of clean human voices of different gender, ethnicity and age and datasets of distinct noises. The neural network optimizes itself to detect the background noise and separate it from the clean human voices, leaving only the latter.

Krisp has 2 main functions that enable users to remove background noise from both sides of the call to speak and listen without noise.

For Speak without noise function Krisp adds a virtual microphone that sits between the physical microphone and the telecommunications app of choice. It receives audio through the microphone, processes it on the device to remove the background noise from the mic signal and transmits it to the telecommunications app.

Same processing happens for Listen without noise function as Krisp adds a virtual speaker that sits between the physical speaker and the telecommunications app. It receives the audio from the telecommunications app, processes it on the device to remove background noise from other call participants and transmits it to the physical speaker.

Krisp is a privacy centric application. It completes all the audio processing locally on the device with low latency, so no audio leaves the device of the users.

"Audio is an exciting field and noise suppression is just one of the problems we see in the space," said Davit Baghdasaryan, the CEO and co-founder of 2Hz in his blog post on Nvidia Developer Blog. "Deep Learning will enable new audio experiences and at 2Hz we strongly believe that Deep Learning will improve our daily audio experiences".

Real-time Updates:

Krisp was launched in public preview in October of 2018 and has been featured on Product Hunt, TechCrunch, HackerNews, Nvidia and more.

Krisp was also nominated for the Golden Kitty Awards 2018 on Product Hunt and won the first place in the new category of Audio & Voice Product of the Year.

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