10 Up-And-Coming Male Actors That Every College Girl With A Pulse Needs To Be Aware Of
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10 Up-And-Coming Male Actors That Every College Girl With A Pulse Needs To Be Aware Of

Noah Centineo will speed up your heart rate.

10 Up-And-Coming Male Actors That Every College Girl With A Pulse Needs To Be Aware Of

We all have those celebrities that we love, but not a lot of other people really know who they are. I have compiled a list of some of my favorites that you may or may not notice.

1. Colin Jost

Colin Jost is from Staten Island, New York and now one of the lead writers for SNL. He is absolutely adorable with one of the biggest smiles I have ever seen. I have found myself watching many of his Weekend Update skits from SNL because he really is that funny and I think he deserves more recognition for it.

2. Noah Centineo

I'm sure you all have seen this face on social media lately. Although, people should have been paying attention to Noah Centineo way before he was Peter Kavinsky on "To All The Boys I've Loved Before." Noah starred on "The Fosters" taking over the role of Jesus and doing a really great job. You may even recognize him from "Austin & Ally," where he played Dallas, also known as "Cellphone Accessory Guy." Either way with a smile this big and bright, we definitely need to be on the lookout for Noah Centineo, because I don't see his career slowing down now.

3. Robbie Amell


You may recognize him from "True Jackson VP," where he played the love interest of True Jackson (Keke Palmer). Robbie Amell has starred in many varying shows and movies since then, most notably as the role of Ronnie/Firestorm on "The Flash" and as Wesley Rush in "The DUFF." He is happily married to Italia Ricci, but that doesn't mean we can't talk about how gorgeous he is.

4. Grant Gustin


This is the guy that has been on my mind the most lately. Some may recognize him as Sebastian from "Glee," while others may recognize him as Barry Allen/The Flash from "The Flash," or maybe you even remember his time as Campbell on "90210." No matter where you recognize him from, I have fallen in love with him and his big smile. If you haven't already go listen to him sing right now, he has an incredible voice, and binge everything he has ever had a role in and you will quickly understand my newfound love for Grant Gustin.

5. Josh Peck


The lovable Josh Peck. We all know him from "Drake & Josh," but I have seen him in all kinds of different movies ever since. He also makes funny YouTube videos now and is going to have a baby! Our lovable movie theater worker sure has grown up over the years, and I think we need to give him the attention we did when we were kids.

6. Stephen Amell


Yes, that last name does sound familiar, but contrary to what you might immediately assume, Stephen and Robbie Amell are not brothers. They are cousins, though, but don't worry I thought for years that they were brothers. Stephen Amell can be found starring as Oliver Queen/The Arrow on "The Arrow." I haven't watched "The Arrow" yet, but he has made a few appearances on "The Flash" (yes I know wrong order), and I know for sure I will be tuning in to "The Arrow" as soon as I can!

7. Nick Robinson

Most recently, Nick Robinson starred in "Love, Simon," and even though I never got the chance to go see the movie, I had been paying attention to Nick Robinson for a while. He starred as Ryder on "Melissa and Joey," a teenage boy with a lot to figure out. He was cute then and he's cute now.

8. Bob Morley

Oh, Bob Morley. He plays Bellamy Blake on "The 100," and does an exceptional job. He is Australian, but uses a very deep American accent when filming for "The 100." I don't ever want "The 100" to end, but when that day comes I hope Bob Morley continues to grow in his career and gets more attention for being him!

9. Dylan O'Brien


Dylan O'Brien has been flying under the radar lately, but that does not mean I have forgotten about him. He was the lead in "The Maze Runner" series and played a big role on "Teen Wolf." That is not the extent of his career though, he has been in plenty of other movies over the years, some with very different characters that really show his acting abilities. Whether he continues to fly under the radar or not, we should still be giving him tons of attention.

10. Jesse Lee Soffer

Last, but certainly not least, Jesse Lee Soffer. He plays Detective Jay Halstead on "Chicago PD." Honestly, this picture really speaks for itself, him and a sweet doggo. But I will say that he is another one to watch out for over the years.

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