Sometimes No Words Are Better Than The Generic Ones
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Being Supportive Is More Than Just Words

"It'll be okay" is not always enough

Being Supportive Is More Than Just Words

Everyone at one point or another goes through something tragic, whether it be the death of a close friend or family member or a really bad experience at work, out or while traveling. Nothing is ever completely perfect and sometimes you just need your friends and family's support. But support is more than just the verbal words spoken.

Support is seen by expressions, moments, words and actions.

We all have that one friend who knows when you are upset and just says "everything will be okay" and let's be honest you just want to punch them. Because in the moment, nothing is okay and you really don't think it is going to be anytime soon.

But that's when you have friends who buy your dinner, or your favorite snacks and watch your favorite movies just to take your mind off what is going on. And sometimes that is just what you need.

Sometimes, no words are the best words.
Sometimes, the snuggles and crap food are the best types of support.
Sometimes, when the people you need are not physically there - the hours on the phone are best conversations.

Everyone deals with tragedy different and as a friend it is your job to know how to react when a friend is in need. It is your job to distract them and make sure they know you're there to help.

Some tragedies are to drastic and you cannot put words to it because it is just too hard to understand but you also may not have gone through a similar situation. In those cases just sitting there and letting them use your shoulder or body for support is the best thing in the world.

Have you ever been in that position?

Been so upset no words can make you feel better?

But sitting with your best friend or mom or dad or whoever makes you happy, in silence is just overall nice? I feel like most people can relate to this feeling. You feel loved and important. Your feelings are important and matter.

As a friend, don't be upset if you cannot make everything better immediately. It is not always that simple and sometimes you literally cannot do or say anything to make it better. But the small actions and gestures do not ever go unnoticed. When you have a friend in need, they consider and notice everything that you do for them.

No matter what, remember that words are not the most important thing in a crisis. Your support and motions will do significantly more than you will ever know.

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