I'm not perfect. I never have been. It all started with one reckless social decision in middle school and spiraled down from there. Aside from what may be presumed, I've never struggled academically. I've always been one to overdo myself and succeed beyond the requirements. I pride myself on gaining knowledge and applying it to real-world concepts. Throughout the past several years, it's almost as if I have inadvertently separated my social and academic lives, like that of church and state. Which in turn, benefits me. I am able to keep personal problems away from the professional world.

I enjoy the presence of like-minded individuals and enjoy meeting new faces to branch out and explore new interests. Social settings allow me to thrive and be myself. I have never been concerned about how others judge me based solely on my appearance. Isn't everyone told not to judge a book by its cover? I'm proud of who I am on both the inside and out. I have been judged on my looks and almost never my knowledge and it's time for that to change. Never have I let others define me or place a label on who they feel I am. I am the only one who has the power to provide myself with a label and I desire for that label to be: Architect.

I belong to the world of architecture. Not only because that's my desired career, but because I can provide a unique point of view, a new outlook on the built world itself. My seventeen years of being a military child and two years of maturing into a successful young woman have allowed me to gain worldly experiences that shine light onto the world around me. I have experience collected from my years of constant change to implement innovative ideas. My chosen career path is one of stress and hard work, but I am willing and ready to achieve my goals. I have the intelligence, drive, and talent to succeed. All I need is acceptance to make my dreams possible.