4 Youtubers you'd probably never watch but should
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4 YouTubers You'd Probably Never Watch But Should Anyway

Don't Judge Me K Thanks Bye.

4 YouTubers You'd Probably Never Watch But Should Anyway

First and foremost, I love watching YouTube. Then again, who doesn't? For me personally, I don't stick to just one kind of genre. I love anything from fitness, vlogs, beauty, or just plain weird. Unfortunately, I can't make a mile long list of all of my favorites, so here are my top 4.

1. Shane Dawson

Checkout his channel here


When I first started watching Shane Dawson's videos, I was in high school. At the time, I was 16 and I had just discovered YouTube. As weird or embarrassing as it may sound, I STILL watch his videos 10 years later. With over 17 million subscribers, Shane is a vlogger/documentary maker/conspiracy theorist/storyteller who posts the most amazing videos. Not only that, but he's also quirky, fun, and flat-out hilarious. If you've never heard of him before, then you're totally missing out.

2. Trisha Paytas

Checkout her channel here


Oh...Trisha Paytas. Where do I begin?! She is probably the rawest person you'll ever watch on YouTube. No literally, she sometimes doesn't even edit her videos. She'll straight up post an hour-long video of just talking. The best way to describe her videos is kind of like a really bad train wreck that you can't look away from. With a combined total of over 5 million subscribers, she's full of multiple personalities and you never really know what she's going to post next. One minute she's crying on her kitchen floor about a breakup, eating alone in her car, making music videos, vlogging extravagant vacations, and more. Yes, Trisha is a little controversial at times, but that's what makes her so intriguing. At time's you'll think to yourself "wow did she really just say/do that?"

3. Nikki Blackketter

Checkout her channel here


Nikki Blackketter, also known as "Nikki b", is down to earth, funny, quirky and the virtual BFF that you never knew you needed. She is a vlogger, fitness queen, Gymshark model, cat lover, harry potter freak, and drop-dead gorgeous. She's not afraid to rock a bare face on camera and doesn't come off as high maintenance or narcissistic like other fitness YouTubers. With a little over 700,000 subscribers, her channel will give you all the feels.

4. James Charles

Checkout his channel here


"Hi sisters! James Charles here and welcome BACK to my YouTube channel." This sassy makeup guru has over 8 million subscribers and his videos consist of all things beauty. Whether it's a makeup tutorial, makeup challenge, singing, or filming with his little bro, he is taking over the beauty industry. For me personally, I never even really watched makeup tutorials until I discovered his channel. Not only is he full of energy, but he's also super successful at such a young age. Also, I'm totally jealous that he can do his makeup better than me.

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