Nikita Dragun is a youtuber I follow on Instagram.

She's a proud trans women who speaks about her identity, her struggles and just overall seems like a funny person. Most recently she just posted the ultimate, what she calls, "a pussy stunt" in response to brand's chief marketing officer Ed Razek who said Victoria's Secret wouldn't cast transgender models in its annual show because it's "fantasy".

Well take a look Victoria Secret, this is the 'fantasy' you denied and all of us are living for it.

Nikita then posted a series of Instagram stories claiming that she really did this video to promote positivity and this did not mean to be a hate video.

Either way, I'm living for it, and so is the world.

Nacha Promsatian

I've always questioned the point of the Victoria Secret Fashion show. As a young girl, sure I watched it because I wanted to fulfill this lifelong dream of looking like the beauty standard. (Not) Surprisingly, after watching the show each year somehow I'd feel motivated to diet or workout. However, being an emo teenager with uncontrollable hormones, I quickly spiraled into a depression. Knowing that my body goals will never be reached.

Today, I proudly boycott the Victoria Secret Fashion show. Not because I have hate for those who run it but because I know I can't handle watching it myself.

Time is up and society is in motion to change so THANK YOU NIKITA, for being the queen you are and bringing up issues of gender exclusivity in our society!

And as Nikita said "embrace your differences. stand tall in who you are! live your fantasy and don't let anyone tell you otherwise."