Things You Know To Be True If You're A Night Owl
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13 Things You Know To Be True If You're A Night Owl

Early-birds just don't get it.

13 Things You Know To Be True If You're A Night Owl

There are things that early-birds just don't get about us. There are things we just don't get about the early-birds. The world needs both, that's for sure. And sometimes your friend ends up being the opposite of you and you wonder if your friendship will survive these harsh conditions (okay... that MAY be overreacting. You get the point, though). Your friends have come to terms with the fact that you may talk about three texts-per-day because of your different schedules.

1. You're way more productive at night.

It's not your fault, you just work better later for some reason!

2. Which means deadlines earlier than 12 A.M. are KILLER.


Which may mean working twice as hard the night before and submitting it early so that you don't accidentally miss the deadline...

3. Having to work early is a nightmare...


4. ...but you're always willing to cover night shifts.

And, typically, those are hard shifts to get covered. So you have a good chance for your managers to like you.

5. You end up thinking everything closes early...


6. When really, everything closes at a normal time and you're the one out late.

There's nothing worse than that feeling of driving by the place you wanted to get food from to see it completely dark inside. Or offering to go get some sweet junk food for you and your family/friends at 9:50 PM to find out that the donut place closes at 10 PM. And it takes you at least 10 minutes to get there.

7. When you're tired, though, you're TIRED...


8. ...which might mean you pass out anywhere in your house.


The couch, chair, the table, on a backless chair in your parents' house, the possibilities are endless.

9. You can't live without caffeine.

You're so thankful that coffee places open early so you can grab a coffee (or two) before your early shift. Let's be real, when you get up early you sleep in as much as possible, which means you don't really have time to make your own coffee. The money is worth the sleep.

10. You have that dreaded feeling when someone wants to make plans for early in the day.


The phrase "want to meet at 10?" haunts you because you know they don't mean P.M. But you love your friend, so you make the sacrifice for them.

11. People get annoyed with you when you sleep late.

12. Then they think you're ignoring them...


13. Your eating schedule doesn't exactly line up with everyone else's.


5 P.M.? You mean lunch?

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