You may remember Nick Viall as the man who made it to the final rose ceremony twice and walked away without the girl. And then finally getting his big moment on his own season of the Bachelor and the relationship ended months later.

Or you also know him for his hilarious reenactments after every episode of the current season of "The Bachelor" and "The Bachelorette"

But something that we can all know and respect about this man is his blatant honesty and words of encouragement.

He has a day set aside to answer any question people send into him through his Instagram. And I mean ANY question.

Sex, business, life, love, breakups, marriage, finances, self-confidence, you name it!

And while some things can be hard to hear and somethings can make us laugh because we have been through these occurrences ourself, we need to be reminded. And he doesn't hold back.

Beyond the hate and the hurtful messages, he endures and we benefit. So listen up to responses from Nick Viall's Instagram!

1. Depression.

Look outside of yourself.

2. The reality of 'Ghosting.'

I mean is he wrong?

3. Personal.

Well Nick, listen to your own advice. You are not alone and people love you.

4. Why Nick?

Because why not Nick?

5. Time to celebrate!

Celebrate your victories both huge and small!

6. Age is nothing but a number...

But don't lie about your number. Embrace it!

7. Sex questions.

Those actually sound delicious!

8. Hooking up.

Truth can hurt but seriously take it or leave it..

9. Relationship expert?

You don't have to agree.

10. Flashback to his time on "The Bachelor."

if you haven't seen the ensemble we are talking about you can do two things. 1.) Be grateful! 2.) Google

11. Single on the holidays.

If you need one more reminder that you are not alone let me assist you...You are NOT alone!

12.  Health.

Drinking water actually makes a HUGE difference in all things health! Shocker.

13. "Not Good Enough."

Sometimes you have to kiss a few frogs to find your princess or prince. There's no rush or pressure. Follow your heart.

14. Settling.

Sometimes you have to have the question thrown back at you to think deeper.

15. Finances.

"I need" and " I want" statements really help when it comes to spending and saving money.

16. Unfaithful.

Don't be a dick. You're wasting your poor fiance's time. Give them their freedom if they are simply second choice.

17. Take control of your life!

Don't make yourself the victim! Take back the control and find pride in yourself. You can do it.

18. Boredom in the marriage.

No he's never been married (or so he lets us think) but his answers are relatable and reasonable.

19. Soulmates.

Yup go find another soulmate not one that's already taken. You're not doomed.

20. Receiving mixed signals.

May not always be the case but you need to listen to your gut and follow your heart.

21. Mental health.

You are NOT ALONE! There are people who want to simply listen to you. seek them out. Don't give up. You can do this!

22. Home weckers.

Is this clear enough?

23. Small talk.

You're going to spend your whole life hopefully happily with someone who you are going to do a lot of talking with. It's never too early. Be true to yourself.

24. This tea burns!

If you really don't want to hear an answer don't ask.

25. Businessman.

He is more than a bachelor he is a businessman! You can never go wrong with some essential oils in your life.