The Next Set Of Eeveelutions In Pokemon Should Be
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Here's What The Next Set of Eeveelutions in Pokemon Should Be

Everyone has been in love with Eevee, the small brown dog-like Pokemon from the first generation, and its later evolutions of varying types and I think with the newest generation there should be new Eevees.

Here's What The Next Set of Eeveelutions in Pokemon Should Be

Eevee is one of the most beloved Pokemon in the entire franchise, and many Pokemon lovers understand why because the small dog-like Pokemon is so diverse. This Pokemon is special because it is one of the few Pokemon that can evolve into multiple different Pokemon through various methods. In the first generation, we got to see the first three eeveelutions: the electric-type Jolteon, the water-type Vaporeon, and the Fire-type Flareon evolved through the use of stones one could find or buy at stores in the game.

Generation two gave us another two fabulous eeveelutions: the Psychic-type Espeon and the Dark-type Umbreon which were big hits among fans. You got these two eeveelutions by evolving Eevee during day time (Espeon) and nighttime (Umbreon) once your friendship level was high enough.

Since the first two generations of Eevees were such a smash the creators at Pokemon started thinking about how other eeveelutions could be apart of gameplay and in the fourth generation of Pokemon the fans were thrilled when another two eeveelutions were added. Glaceon, the ice type Eevee, and Leafeon, the grass type Eevee, were brought in making fans go wild. These two types evolved by finding a special mossy rock in the forest (Leafeon) and a special ice rock or glacier in a cavern (Glaceon) which was fun to find in the games.

The most recent eeveelution is a new fairy-type Pokemon called Sylveon. The creators made this eeveelution to help fans get excited about a new type of Pokemon being added to the games in the very late generation six. Sylveon was evolved by building a friendship with Eevee and teaching your Eevee a fairy-type move.

However, we are reaching generation eight and fans have been wanting more eeveelutions to fall in love with and several people are hopeful that they will see a new eeveelution in the new games for Nintendo Switch Pokemon Sword and Shield or in future games. Here are my thoughts on some new possible eeveelutions and how they might be able to evolve in the games.

All the following pictures are fan art and are in no way actual Pokemon that are currently part of the National Pokedex!

A Ghost-Type Eevee

Ghost-type Pokemon have been around since the first generation and have been fan favorites. A ghost type Eevee would only bring more love to this special type of Pokemon. A player would get the ghost type Eevee in a very similar fashion to the Pokemon Shedinja. A player would have to have Eevee and an open slot in their party, along with an extra Pokeball in their bag, and have Eevee faint during the fight. Once Eevee fainted the free spot in the party would be filled by the ghost type eeveelution as it rests peacefully. This is similar to how the Pokemon Shedinja is found in the games, because when you have the Pokemon Nincada in your party along with an extra free slot and an extra Pokeball in your bag you have a chance of a Shedinja appearing in your party.

A Steel Type Eevee

Steel types were introduced in generation two and they are very cool and strong being beloved by players but underrated in terms of franchise merchandise sales so having a steel type Eevee could boost steel-type love by fans. I have given a lot of thought to how a steel-type Eevee would be evolved and I personally think the easiest way would be to take something that is already in the game as a mechanic that players are already used to using. A metal coat item that is found in mines and after you beat the elite four can be bought in stores. If your Eevee's strongest stat is defense and you use a metal coat on it then you will get a steel-type Eevee.

A Rock Type Eevee

A rock type Eevee is something that most fans have been on the fence about since rock types are usually fossil type Pokemon which are a fun challenge to find in the games but seem rather difficult to get more than one of in the games. Fossil Pokemon are great and have been around since the first generation so I think having an ancient type of Eevee that has been lost to time would be pretty cool and a fun new way to revive the fossil Pokemon love. The way you would get the rock type is by finding the Eevee fossil and taking it to the science lab and reviving it, the same way that a player would get any other fossil Pokemon like Anorith, Lileep, and Aerodactyl.

A Flying type Eevee

Flying-type Pokemon are usually birds of some kind or they have wings so making the small dog-like Pokemon of Eevee fly might be difficult and that also makes it a bit harder to get a flying type Eevee. There is a way to teach Eevee the move bounce, which is a flying type move that lets non-flying type Pokemon leap in the air on the first turn and then land, damaging the opponent, on the second turns. This move which is traditionally learned by non-flyers could be taught to Eevee through a character in the game called the move reminder. The Pokemon move reminder is a valuable character that has helped players since the fourth generation, he has the ability to reteach a Pokemon a move from when it was an earlier level in the game. Using this character, once an Eevee reaches a certain level it can be brought to the move reminder, learn the move bounce and evolve into the flying type the next time it goes up a level.

A Dragon Type Eevee

Dragon-type Pokemon are very strong and very intimidating making them great for players to use in battle on a regular basis but not exactly the most ideal for the cute and cuddly nature that has people in love with Eevee and the eeveelutions. However, having a cuter dragon type would make many fans happy. There are only 50 dragon type Pokemon in the games through all seven generations making them rare and hard to get so this eeveelution should be no different. Players would use the long process of breeding a female Eevee with a male pure dragon type Pokemon like Dratini, Bagon, Goomy, or Axew. This will be very difficult and tedious for players because the pokemon have to be compatible for breeding and the chance of breeding the rare dragon type eeveelution will be much lower than getting another Eevee or regular dragon type being used.

A Poison Type Eevee

Pure Poison-type Pokemon are interesting given that there are so few of them in the games, only 16 in total as of generation seven. These type of Pokemon are often over looked as not as useful to players or not being cute enough. I doubt that an eeveelution would do much to help the number of pure poison-types but it might bring fans a new light to the usefulness of poison types and how effective they could be against some other Pokemon types. The way to get this eeveelution would be very different than others but still interesting for players. Your Eevee must be hit by a poison-type move, become poisoned, then level up while being poisoned to become the poison-type Eevee.

A Fighting Type Eevee

A fighting-type Eevee would be extremely tough and could even be a great asset to players because most fighting type Pokemon are difficult to get but when used are great for battling. Many players overlook them because most of the Fighting-types that are mixed with other types are unable to evolve making them difficult to change stats or fun for players because it goes no further in the Pokedex. The way to evolve this eeveelution would be to go to the pokemon move reminder and learn a fighting-type move called Bulk up which raises the users attack and defense stats and once your Eevee has leveled up and raised its attack and defense stats enough it will evolve into the fighting type the next time it goes up a level.

These are just my personal ideas about how these next few eeveelutions could be seen in the game. The seven eeveelutions above do not complete the list of all types for Eevee so there can be more to come or even different ones than what are on this list. I chose these seven types because I have heard chatter over the years of people wanting these to become eeveelutions and they have several different fan arts to choose from making them easier to appeal to people. I do not expect anything to be sure in Pokemon Sword and Shield which is dated to release later this year in November but I do hope to see a new eeveelution in the game.

All the ways I listed for the Eevee to evolve are within the realm of possibility because they have been seen in the games prior or other Pokemon have been caught or evolved in similar fashions. I tried my best to be clear with my ideas and give examples of Pokemon when necessary. I hope you all enjoy and look forward to more eevelutions and even new eeveelution plushies for merchandise.

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