3 Pieces Of Important News You May Have Missed This Week
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3 Pieces of Recent, Important News That You May Have Missed This Week

In case you missed these among the hoards of allegations against Judge Brett Kavanagh.

3 Pieces of Recent, Important News That You May Have Missed This Week

The world has been preoccupied with many issues these past few weeks, and for Americans, most things in the news have been about Judge Brett Kavanaugh. Many people, like me, were probably so preoccupied with this issue that they haven't had time to look at other news, so here is a short summary of just a few pieces of the news in the past week.

1. Hurricane Michael

This devastating hurricane swept through Panama City and the rest of Florida, destroying trees, buildings, and even caused a train to derail. Labeled as the strongest storm to make landfall on continental US since 1992 with Hurricane Andrew, Hurricane Michael is leaving behind nothing but destruction. Although its wind speeds are weakening, it will still be bringing heavy rainfall to the East coast as it travels up north.

This may pose a major problem because Hurricane Michael is expected to bring heavy rainfalls to places ravaged by Hurricane Florence just last month, and people who have just begun to recover their homes may not be prepared for another battle with mother nature.

2. The Disappearance of Jamal Khashoggi

Khashoggi is a respected Saudi journalist who is also a columnist for the Washington Post, the former general manager and editor-in-chief of Al Arab News Channel, and someone who has been praised for his contributions to the Al Watan newspaper, which has become a platform for Saudi progressives. He was last seen entering Saudi Arabia's consulate in Istanbul about two weeks ago, and there are claims that he has been murdered by the Saudi government.

The Trump administration has also been criticized over this issue because the Trump family maintains a close relationship with Saudi royalty. Jared Kushner holds close ties with the Saudi price, while President Trump has major business ties with Saudi Arabia. Overall, the United States has stayed quiet on this human rights issue.

3. Sears may go bankrupt very, very soon

Although the chain has been experiencing heavy losses and store closures in the past few years, Sears has held on and continued operations. However, a major Sears stockholder recently got rid of a large chunk of his stocks for only eight percent of what they used to be worth, which is a concerning sign that the company may be doing even worse this year. The company has also recently added a new director who dealt with bankruptcies and company restructuring.

Sears faces a major debt deadline on October 15th of $134 million dollars, and it already owes $5 billion in debt. This past summer, Sears closed their very last store in Chicago, and they only had 900 stores left around the nation compared to 3,500 in 2005. If they go bankrupt, they will be joining a series of formerly prosperous chain stores like Sports Authority, Toys "R" Us, and RadioShack.

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