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15 New Year's Resolutions All College Students Need To Make This Year (12/31)

It's 2019 and that means it's time for fresh starts.

It's nearly 2019 and that means it's time for New Year's resolutions. New Year's is actually one of my favorite holidays because it gives us a chance to look back at our year, but more importantly, look forward to the next year. It's a fresh start. The new year gives us a chance to start new and part of that is New Year's resolutions. For college students, I believe it is especially important to take stock of who you are becoming and decide what you need to do to become the person you want to be. So get ready to set some goals and make some resolutions that you may or may not actually fulfill this year. Let's go!

1. Less social media.

Social media is fun and all, but it is not particularly good for our health, so if you are looking for something to give up this year, think about taking a break from social media (or at least some of it).

2. More journaling.

I don't think people do enough journaling. I know when I first started I thought it was kind of silly, but as I got more into I realized what a great tool it is for helping really process life events instead of just letting them glaze over us. I highly recommend journaling and hope to do more of it myself this year.

3. Save more money.

College students are usually saving money (or at least not spending it) but this year, try putting a bit more thought into how you spend the money you do have.

4. More phone calls.

It is so easy to text people and avoid actually having a conversation, but I think it's important to still be comfortable talking to one another. So call a friend!

5. Take care of your skin.

I think skincare is sometimes overlooked, but recently I have realized how important it really is. You don't need a 15-step daily skincare routine or anything, but finding a good cleanser, sunscreen, and moisturizer might be a good idea this year.

6. Find things to be passionate about.

What do you really love? Find what topic or activity really gives you energy and pursue it! Don't allow the boring and mundane things to consume you.

7. Say "thank you" more often.

We just don't say it enough. So say it!

8. Bake more cookies.

Cookies are always a good idea. We sometimes get into a mindset that we have to eat only healthy foods like spinach and grilled chicken, when in reality a few sweets once in a while are alright. So bake the cookies.

9. Write more handwritten letters.

Receiving snail-mail is one of the great small surprises in life, so bring that joy to someone else! Send a letter just to say hello or to thank someone for something!

10. Listen to more music.

You might listen to a lot of music anyway, but this year, maybe try listening to a different type of music.

11. Take care of your body.

Really take care of your body. If you feel crappy, drink water, go to the gym, or talk to a friend. Don't allow yourself to get into a habit of dismissing what your body is telling you.

12. Read more books.

You probably don't read enough. Reading for school is not the same as reading for pleasure. Read more.

13. Less procrastination.

I know it's hard. Procrastinating homework and projects is really easy to do, but not necessarily very effective. This year, try to manage your time better.

14. Find a new hobby.

Try something new! College is a great time to figure out what you like to do, so try a new sport, club, or activity on campus!

15. Step out of your comfort zone.

Don't allow your comfort zone to hold you back. This year, take the leap and step out of your comfort zone.

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