Since we're more than halfway through 2018, I think it's time to remind everyone of their new year's resolutions. I hope they're going well, but I also know the reality that most of them died in January. As sad and typical as that is, I'm not here to remind you of the things you didn't achieve. I am here to remind you of the goals you made and the reason why you were so keen to believe you would achieve them. Because you can.

Believing in yourself is the first step. It's not always easy, but it's a necessity to work towards. Any tiny achievement can boost morale and give evidence that you should have confidence in yourself. The next step is to make a tangible plan about how you'll get to your goal. This is normally one of the easier steps, simply because you can write it on paper and change it as you go along. The last, final and most important step is to actually execute that plan. This normally turns out to be the reason your goals took a tumble in January.

Whether it was lack of motivation or discipline, giving up doesn't bring that goal any closer to coming true. The issue isn't the work being put in - it's you. Goals and achievements are never won by doing nothing. The reason for taking steps is to make sure there is a safety net in the event your routine goes down the drain. When motivation fails you, it's never a good idea to let go of the dream altogether. There will be better days; they're all in front of you. Focus on the here and now. Why did you want the goal? Do you still want to attain it? What's standing in your way? Answer these questions and if the answer is lack of discipline, I say to you, "You're far too smart to be the only thing standing in your way."It's true, isn't it? So often we find ourselves back where we started with a little more frustration and a little less energy. It's a cycle really, trying and trying until we find effort too taxing and throw ourselves back to the beginning. Everyone does it. I'm currently attempting to break out of one of my own cycles. It just becomes a battle with ourselves to work harder one extra day (when we feel our most fatigued) to ensure we break the cycle. Old habits die hard, just make sure those same habits aren't stopping you from becoming the best version of yourself.

So are you your own obstacle? You know what you have to do. You know how to get there. Allow yourself to achieve the goals you want by putting in effort where you don't want to. Resolutions don't happen once a year, and neither should your effort and energy.