21 New Year’s Resolutions To Pick From For 2018
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21 New Year’s Resolutions To Pick From For 2018

Are you looking for 2018 resolutions? If so, let this list help you make your decision! Have a blessed new year!

21 New Year’s Resolutions To Pick From For 2018
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Now that we are done with Christmas Day that happened earlier this week, we now turn our attention to the upcoming New Year’s Day when the year 2018 will make its grand entrance into our lives! And as with every last week of December over the years, people have the custom of declaring their resolutions for the forthcoming year. Resolutions according to Google’s dictionary, are “’firm decisions to do or not to do something.’”

I can recall some of my own personal past New Year’s resolutions as “losing weight” or “saving more money” or “to make healthier choices” which I never could keep up because throughout a year unexpected things often occur that would lead me astray. Sighs. Anyway, this listicle notes 21 common New Year’s resolutions that people may proclaim at the end of an old year. They were compiled from various tweets on the Twitter social media platform where I have an account with. If you are still undecided up to this moment, maybe this list will inspire your decision of what to do or not do for 2018! So from me to you, happy 2018! Good luck and God bless! Cheers!

1. Lose weight.

Maybe start off by walking for 10 minutes every day or going up and down the stairs of your home? Maybe you need to cut down on carbs, starch, lipids, and sugar?

2. Save more money.

Maybe you could sit down and plan out your expenses per month on your computer’s MS Excel or manually in a notebook labeled “2018 Expenses”?

3. Be happier.

Maybe you should focus on a hobby and stick to it for the entire year? Or maybe you can set a full year’s reading goal at Goodreads.com or sell your old belongings for profit?

4. To be a better person than the previous year.

Maybe you should apologize to or end that ancient grudge you have against a family member or a friend? Maybe you could be more understanding, generous, and/or caring towards those people you often get annoyed by? Maybe you could do something about your bad temper (if you have one) or you could do a good deed every month like volunteering?

5. Travel somewhere ideal or exotic.

Maybe you should plan a relaxing or therapeutic vacation/getaway/one-weekend to a beautiful or exotic destination you have always planned on going to but always put off for 2018’s summer or winter seasons?

6. Help out the disadvantaged.

Maybe volunteer at a soup kitchen, food drive, senior citizens’ nursing home, etc. throughout 2018?

7. Quit smoking.

Maybe you can look into stopping your beautiful/ handsome self from huffing and puffing those hazardous-to-your-health cigarettes that cost you so much money? Think about your family and how they will miss you when you go or think about all those amazing things you still have not done and need to live to accomplish?

8. Get a job or get a better job.

Maybe you should get a job to get you the money you need for a lot of things/ maybe you need to upgrade your job? Get a new job that pays more than the one you currently hold or get a new job that you feel comfortable with and that you will enjoy?

9. Stop unwanted habits.

Maybe you need to stop unwanted habits that may be harmful to you in the long run? Stop habits that are destroying your social life, self-esteem, self-confidence, and/or health?

10. Enjoy life.

Maybe you could make it an effort to do the things you’ve always wanted to do in 2018? Things you believe are necessary to make you smile, content, and satisfied but never forgetting they have to be positive, they have to be good for humanity, and that you will benefit from healthily.

11. Be more spiritual/religious.

Maybe you can start attending a religious service of your choice? Maybe you could start reading up on things that are spiritual or religious? Religion and spirituality have been known to boost a person’s self-esteem, self-love, and can guide the individual on a moralistic, peaceful, and or renewing journey. Try it!

12. Start or work on dreams, goals, projects.

Maybe you could work on your lifelong dreams, goals, or projects and never forgetting that these should serve yourself and humanity? Also, make a list of them and buy a planner to keep you on track. These dreams, etc. can be short-term or long-term but you have to make sure at least one will be fulfilled next year.

13. Spend more time with the family.

Maybe you can plan to spend more time with your wife and children or with your siblings and parents, or with other close relatives? Make it a goal to be at home more often or to take vacations or short trips with your family every now and then? It would be so rewarding in the long run I tell you.

14. Improve self/make healthy choices.

Maybe you should start looking at yourself and plan to attend all medical appointments so that your physician could do regular checkups of how you are doing health-wise? Maybe you should cut down on unhealthy meals? Maybe you can make healthy choices throughout the whole year so you would not end up in the morgue? This, like resolutions 1, 4, 7, and 9 all fall under the same umbrella. Improve yourself for your own good you know?

15. Be independent.

Maybe you can move out of your parents’ home and into an apartment? Maybe you have the finances to rent a room at someone else’s home? Maybe you can buy and cook your own meals rather than having someone else (like your mom for example) do it for you?

16. Make a life-changing purchase.

Maybe you have saved up enough money to finally buy your own car or your own home? Say goodbye to taking public transportation or living in a shared housing?

17. Attend a reunion (class, family or friends).

Maybe your high school class or your scattered family is planning a reunion for next year? Maybe you should make it a must to attend it? And while you’re at it, think of a great accomplishment of yours to present at it?

18. Make a home renovation.

Maybe your house is in need of a complete renovation or makeover? Maybe you need to do a complete cleanup? Repainting? Remodeling? Install a new feature?

19. Propose to a boyfriend or girlfriend.

Maybe it is about time you should propose to your girlfriend or boyfriend? Maybe you need to plan your wedding for 2019?

20. Manage debt (loans and bills).

Maybe you need to budget and manage your student loans and bills? Maybe you need to find a source for income to pay your loans and/or bills? Maybe you should look for ways to enable yourself to afford your loans and bills? Maybe cut down on some expenses? Maybe you should consider applying for student loan forgiveness if you have a lifelong illness/disability?

21. Lose or throw away the useless people, junk, etc.

And finally, maybe you should start letting go of “useless” contacts on your social media accounts or your personal and professional life?

And there you have them! Be sure to make your 2018 a year of blessings and always believe that things that happen, whether happy or sad, do occur for a purpose in the shaping of your life here on Earth. Love you!

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