Resolutions Revamped
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Resolutions Revamped

8 ways to get closer to those unrealistic new year's resolutions

Resolutions Revamped

We all know where the new year's resolution train goes and it's not exactly exciting. Here are some simple things you can do to kick the habit of forgetting your resolutions by January 3rd.

Skin Care Routine

Forming a whole skincare routine takes time, adjustment, and experience. Just because the clock turns twelve doesn't mean you're going to know whether your skin serum goes on before or after your moisturizer. Instead, try a face mask. Go to your local drugstore and pickup a bottle of clay face mask. Now every Sunday night, before you cuddle down for your weekly Netflix binge, wash your face real quick and put on that face mask. This way it can dry while you're watching your show and it only takes a few minutes out of your hibernation time. Your skin may not instantly look like a porcelain doll, but it will feel healthier and you will feel slightly more productive.

Eat Healthy

As a college student, my diet mostly consists of whatever snack food I can eat while doing homework or watching Netflix. Rarely do I consistently eat three full meals in a day. So, I propose healthy snacks. I will always have Hot Cheetos under my bed for all-nighters and sometimes Ramen just hits the spot, but a bag of grapes or salad peppers are just as easy to snack on as a bag of chips as long as they're available to grab.

Work Out More

When we think of working out more in the new year, we imagine a morning workout routine, three-mile runs before school, and (the most far fetched in my opinion) actually going to the gym work front of people. While I'm sure people have actually accomplished some of these things, I am also sure it will not happen for me this year. I have decided on something more subtle. Some simple stretches, 10-20 push-ups, and 20-30 crunches right when I wake up or before bed may not get me a six-pack in a month, but it will slowly build strength and endurance and get those important fluids and chemicals flowing through my body the way they ought to. Slowly building those numbers each time will also build confidence and persistence. A physical and mental health boost.

Be More Positive

A positive attitude is another thing that takes time and practice to build. If you want to really work on your attitude this year, start with small actions. The first step is looking inward. Create a poster or two to hang on your mirror or around your room somewhere that you will see everyday to refocus your mind. One should be something that gives you reasons to be proud of yourself. For example, make a list of things you accomplished in the past year or decade that made you feel good about yourself. These can be anything from getting a job you worked hard for to being complimented by an attractive store clerk. The next should be a quote, Bible verse, song lyric, etc. that you want to shape your daily attitude. If you surround yourself daily with reminders of how you want to feel and want to make other people feel, it will be easier to stay positive when the day-to-day of the next year gets old.

Be More Positive Part 2

After giving yourself a little extra motivation, it's time to set an achievable goal. One of my good friends makes it a hard and fast goal to give out at least one compliment every day. Near the end of the year, I made this one of my goals as well. This is an extremely way to change your mindset daily. It starts with a change of perspective. Rather than judging what other people are doing or wearing, you teach your brain to focus on the positives of the people around you. It also builds confidence. It's one thing for me to see the girl sitting next to me and notice her cute shoes. It is another thing altogether for me to tell a complete stranger that I like her shoes.

Keep Your Room/House/Work Space Clean

My family and my roommates can easily tell you that decluttering is not something I am (or probably ever will be) good at. This year, instead of trying to keep everything clean all the time, pick out two or three things that create the most clutter and designate a specific place for them. For me, the biggest culprit is those clothes that I didn't exactly wear enough to put them in the laundry hamper, buuuuut I definitely don't want to put them back with all the clean clothes. So, I have placed a bin next to the hamper for those clothes. It's not a full proof plan, but it will keep these clothes from creating that toxic clutter around my room.

Save Money

We all do our best not to spend money, but we still come up short sometimes. While there are plenty of ways to save money more, this is about little steps. Since my Junior year of high school, my mother and I have been keeping all of our extra change in a box on the kitchen table. Every time we have any coins, we put them in that box. Once or twice a year, we take all the change to the bank, trade it for cash, and use it to treat ourselves to something nice. It usually totals to around $20-$50 depending on how consistent we were that year with keeping our change. While you may not pay your tuition with this kind of money, you will save a lot of money that would otherwise be lost in the floorboards of your car.

Reach Out to People You Haven't Talked to in a While.

Call your parents. The thought of getting in touch with friends that I don't talk to anymore has always been one of those things that always gives me too much unnecessary anxiety. There are just too many people, and what would I even say? However, calling you mom and dad more frequently (and even your siblings...maybe) is always a good way to keep yourself grounded throughout the year. Plus, if an old friend is really important enough for you to get back in touch with, your mom will probably bring them up anyways.

These goals probably won't bring you to Steve Jobs-level success within the next year, but they may be the baby steps you need to take to start that journey. Worst comes to worst, just be sure to cancel your gym membership if you aren't using it. It can be part of your goal to save money.

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