This year, I spent the new year with my family in Trelawny, Jamaica (30 minutes outside of Montego Bay) at the Royalton White Sands resort.

To start off New Year's Eve, we ate a big breakfast at the buffet, and then headed onto the beach. There, we walked along the shore searching for shells, took some family photos, and sipped on our mixed drinks while basking in the sun. My personal favorite drink was called a "Bob Marley", it was a layered slushy type drink consisting of strawberry, lemon, and lime daiquiri's, so it looked like red, yellow, and green mixtures stacked on top of each other.

I then joined my aunt in some "Aquafit", i.e. extreme water aerobics. Energetic music blasted out of the speakers, and the instructor demonstrated the moves in the front (outside) of the pool. This activity definitely saved me from gaining a few pounds while on vacation.

We then headed over to the buffet again for lunch, and then headed over to the lazy river. It wasn't all that lazy though, since we would constantly fight to avoid the various streams of water shooting at you under the bridges or from buckets hanging overhead throughout the river. We also headed to the pool to throw a ball back and forth for a bit.

Post-pool, we grabbed some ice cream and headed back to the room to get ready for the night ahead. After showering and getting dressed, we headed to dinner. This consisted of a "surf and turf" style meal. We finished eating at around 10pm, and the resort was throwing a huge New Year's party ,so we headed over to that.

A band performed from 11pm until 11:55, and they were really good. They played some popular songs like Bad Romance and Uptown Funk, but they were Jamaican singers which made it that much cooler.

The countdown began, the clock struck midnight, and everyone shouted "Happy New Year!" Fireworks went off for about 15 minutes and the after party began. We didn't stay for very long, so that pretty much summed up our day/night in Jamaica.