New Year's Resolutions are a long-standing tradition most people seem to enjoy. Each new year, we think of everything we want to change or improve about ourselves and we vow to make the necessary changes.

January seems to go pretty great. Everyone is excited to discover what the new year has in store and are actively trying to improve themselves. The gym seems to be extra crowded while fast-food drive-thru lanes are a little less crowded. People are dedicated to their goals and are feeling pretty good about them, at this point.

Spring rolls around and things take a turn. There are no long lines for the gym equipment and McDonald's seasonal shamrock shakes are all anyone can think about.

What happened?

To be honest, life happens. People lose the spark they had at the beginning of the year and begin to fall back into their daily routines. School gets too overwhelming, work piles up, etc.

When it comes to my New Year's resolutions, I keep the list written on my phone. I try to look at the list every month in order to stay on top of my goals. This allows me to see which goals I have already accomplished and which ones need some extra attention. Sometimes it is easy to forget that New Year's resolutions last all year long. They don't just magically disappear after the excitement of the new year wears off.

As hard as it is to believe, 2019 is almost halfway over. Summer is the perfect time to whip out your list and to start working on those resolutions you haven't thought about since January. Go to the gym. Call your mom. Drink more water. Whatever the resolution may be, get to work. It isn't too late!