It is my thoughts on how I think college is going! Take a gander and read it!

College is nothing like Highschool

While I was in high school they told us they were prepping us as much as they could into the college life. Of course, I believed them, I mean I knew it would be different because it is not the exact same thing. Once in a while, I heard from people who are in college tell me high school doesn't really prepare you. I was confused because the teachers literally just told me they were trying. So I thought to myself, one of these answers is wrong.

Fast forward to staying my first night in the dorm. I was finished packing and went out with my parents. It was fun, my roommate and friend tagged along. Everything seemed to be going as I imagined. That was my first mistake, was planning how I expected college to go. I remember laying in bed and just planning how I wanted everything to go. The more I planned I realized that I started to miss home. For the first few days of Week of Welcome, I was extremely homesick.

The planning, I realized, was something that I did in high school. I'm not trying to say planning is bad; if someone (like me) plan out every little detail and it doesn't go they it was planned, it can ruin someone's mood. It ruined mine for a while. I also never asked for help, or I didn't always. Once classes started up, things started to make it feel normal. It helped more when I got back into the stress-love of theatre. I started meeting people. I stopped planning as much, I let things happen the way it was meant too. So I guess what I'm trying to say is that high school didn't prepare me at all. Some of the advice I got didn't fully help me. I had to figure it out on my own. What works best for me and I'm still figuring it out. I'm letting things happen the way they do and just go with the flow.

I have accepted that this is change and I can use past experiences to help me with college. I just can't use it to determine how things will happen now. I can't go into a mindset with there is nothing more I can learn or experience. Because in the end, it will just make college harder and not as fun. The main thing about college other than learning, is experiencing new things and people. To have fun before going into the adult world. College is the last step before we as people get shoved into the sea of bills and responsibilities. I can't wait for what college has for me. I'm going to dive in and keep an open mind because that is what it is all about.