Road Tripping With Family and Friends told by New Girl
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17 Thoughts You Have Road-Tripping With Your Family Or Friends, As Told By The 'New Girl' Gang

Crank the jams, buy all the junk food and hit the road.

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Road tripping with family or friends is a great way to spend your summer break. Hitting the open road, stopping at random cities and jamming out to some throwback music is the essence of this hot time of year. As you fill your car with junk food, CDs, and luggage, here are 17 thoughts you'll have while road-tripping across the country.


Stop at your local gas station and stock up on all your favorites. #TreatYoSelf to all the Pringles, M&Ms, sodas, and sour candy that your heart desires

2. Crank the tunes!!!

The road trip is not complete without a proper road trip playlist. Get your Spotify ready and raise the volume to your favorite throwbacks, and be ready to sing out loud jamming until reach your destination.

3. Ugh, this car is SO uncomfortable.

Sitting in a car for several hours on end is not the best for your body, but hey, it's about the journey, not the destination.


Find the nearest rest stop and run for the sake of your bladder. NOW!

5. I'm dying of boredom. Send help.

Schmidt's face says it all. After the initial excitement of the trip, you realize that maybe it is about the destination, not the journey.


The strange billboard promoting a wax museum? The world's biggest ball of rubber bands? The birthplace of some obscure president that you don't know? Stop the car and explore!!

7. Wow, America is a BEAUT.

From the mountains to the prairies, from sea to shining sea. America looks its best from the view outside your car window. Miles and miles of open land, the airy sky and fresh air will make you forget about all the events in the news.

8. We needed to stop for gas like 10 miles ago.

Pull over and get gas. And while you're at it, get more food. You're going to need it.

9. Time to start up some Netflix.

If you are going to sit in the backseat, make sure you do some pre-road trip work downloading some Netflix shows and movies. Download a few episodes, an entire season or the full series, but make sure your driver focuses on the road.

10. Time to get REAL food. And by real food, I mean fast food.

Get the McDonalds, Chickfila, Whataburger, Taco Bell, or whatever your hungry stomach desires.


Coach speaks for the entirety of of the human race. When your favorite jam hits the radio, it's time to go all out. Sing every word like you were in the recording studio and dance it out.


It's time to crash. Pull over to a cheap hotel, get some sleep, and reset for another long day of travel.

13. Let's get some breakfast and hit the road!!!

It's the most important meal of the day, and when it's free at the hotel, sneak some in your bag for a mid-morning snack.


Boredom is real, so play I Spy, ask some trivia questions, or play punch buggy. Or my favorite, the license plate game!!


CONGRATS!! You made it to your final destination!! Now it's time to relax and have fun in the new and adventurous place!!


It feels like a horrible trap. As soon as you reach your destination you think that you can't spend another second in that car. It's only then that you realize that you have to make the journey back home in that big hunk of metal and no WiFi.

17. At least I got to spend time with my family/friends!!

And isn't that what it's all about?

Whether you head out to a national park, take a journey to the beach, or drive to one of the nation's biggest cities, stay safe on the road and have fun road-tripping this summer!

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