10 'New Girl' Quotes To Help You Stick To Just Being You

10 'New Girl' Quotes To Help You Stick To Just Being You

Who better to tell you how to be a better yourself than the wise beyond their years cast of New Girl?


Honestly, the year 2019's anthem is going to be all about being yourself! Be you because as Dr. Suess, "You'll never be youer than you are now." Who better to tell you how to be a better yourself than the wise beyond their years cast of New Girl!

1. When you're feeling like a mess. 

New Girl


Just remember you are not using a bread roll to wipe the butter off your face.


Just remember that the more butter you get on the bread makes the bread tastes much much better therefore if you happen to get butter on your face slyly like Jess use the bread to get more butter on your bread in order to make it more better for consumption. Also instead of wasting that good sweet ghee on a paper or fancy linen napkin that will just get thrown away or washed away do your buddy mother Earth a solid and just eat the butter off a roll!

2. When your need to psych yourself up! 



If you are a long time fan of new girl then you are well aware that Schmidt has some of the best lines of the show . However funny and ego inflated Schmidt may be he is also one character that has a lot of past trauma and self-conscious behave that is masked in different ways including humor. So when you yourself are feeling self-conscious or nervous "JBLS" Just be like Schmidt. Sike yourself up by knowing what you want in this life and taking it, dawg.

3. When you aren't sure of where you are going.

Dr. Sam


If a good Schmidt sike up jam doesn't help you out then here is another friendly reminder. Just remember, Dr. Sam didn't know who the heck he was or what he was doing for a time. Dr. Sam wasn't happy and didn't like himself. He was a successful doctor, with a nice house, a nice truck, obviously good at sex, and heck he was hottttttt!!

4. When in doubt drink it out. 



Not that I am promoting overzealous amounts of drinking but heck sometimes ya girl could use a drink. But honestly, don't find solutions at the bottom at a bottle. You can have a good time from time to time but don't get lost in the "sauce" per say. Really when in doubt figure it out while singing everything that you do or making a dramatic monologue. Then when you go out with your best friend Cece you can get your chardonnay drink on! Be sure to keep your pants on though!

5. Great parenting advice.

Advice from Jessica Day


Jessica Day was the mother hen of great life advice and a bowl of weird combined. Nevertheless, Jess goes off on a few rides with great advice for her friends and honestly it all makes sense in real life too. When Winston was worrying about if he could be a good day Jess said this to him and consoled him through his quest of finding his real dad. It's true though, for all those budding parents or people unsure of how to be a parent one day, you don't have to have had a dad to be a great dad. It's true advice with whatever title you put in there your progress in this life is not a direct link with the progress or result of having someone in your life to lead you to that progress. You have the ability to be great or to not. It is simple Shakespearean just with a little less angst. All you have to do is just decide and do it.

6. Eat what you want and dance while you do! 



In this life there is such little time and so much to eat. So who the heck cares about all those calories and the pounds you will gain. Life isn't about worrying about appearances it is all about what you do in it. So eat the pizza, chips, and fries and drink up while you can. Dance while you do it. If you are unhappy with the pounds find healthy ways to shave a few off but don't deprive yourself into thinking food is the devil like Schmidt did. Love you and love your body.

7. Everything is all in the way you view things.

The fact that they named their daughter Ruth Bader....is awesome


With the addition of Ruth to the cast, the final season was an adorable and funny classic way to say goodbye to our little loft family. Little Ruth was the best combination of Cece and Schmidt with the daring outlook that her name inspires to do what she's going to do and be who she will be. We can all be a lot like Ruth.

8. You can be alone and be happy alone. 

Single Pringles Are Sufficient


If you are a single pringle like me you love when there is a show about loving yourself and figuring out who you are before loving someone else. Jessica has a lot of time to figure that out. After her break up from Spencer she has long bursts of single periods before she finds someone she likes again and that likes her back. She throughout the whole process never fails to experiment and become furthermore herself. We should all do that, don't you think.

9. Wear and walk through life with confidence.

The Women's coat


For a whole episode, Nick wears a women's coat just because it gives him a strange sense of confidence. Here's to you just being you in your women's coat of confidence soaring through life on your own wings since you don't need anyone else's wings to soar. You put on your coat of confidence and bam here you are ready and willing to shine bright.

10. We're weird and we're proud! 

Weird And Proud!


Be You! Be Weird!

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