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Here’s A Rundown Of All Disney's New Minnie Ears

And where to get them, of course.

minnie mouse ears

That's it, Disney, I can't take it anymore. This isn't fair. All your new ears are too cute. And there's way too many of them, so I'm going to have to lay it all out.

If you're an avid Disney fan like myself, you'll understand how important Ears are. They're one of the most popular staples of Disney merchandise and no matter how hard you try to avoid them, if you see that pair — the love-at-first-sight pair — you're going to buy them.

Recently, Disney came out with a ton of love-at-first-sight pairs in a row, so here's a warning. You might want to keep your wallet under lock and key. First up are the Rose Gold and Millennial Pink ears.

The Rose Gold was actually released quite a while ago, but they're definitely still hard to get ahold of, seeing as the Rose Gold Minnie Ears are currently sold out on shopDISNEY. The Millennial Pink ears come with the release of many other millennial pink items, like spirit jerseys and Magic Bands.

Next are the Rainbow Minnie Ears which, according to Disney Style, are coming to the parks this summer. They're not yet available on shopDisney, which means they either haven't been released or are exclusively being sold at the parks at the moment.

But I must say, out of all of these new ears, the Rainbow surely ranks among the prettiest. Whoever designed it really knows how to place their rainbows, having the colors descend vertically in the ears and move horizontally through the bow.

Last up are the newest releases, the Iridescent Minnie and Ice Cream Bar Ears, which are both out of this world.

The sparkle on the Iridescent pair is truly giving the stars a run for their money and the Ice Cream pair looks good enough to eat. If you're a Disney foodie, make sure to grab a pair. These were made for you.

But stay on top of them, because according to this Disney Style article, the Ice Cream ears might only be around the parks for July this summer. I could be right, I could be wrong, but if you're looking to take a Dis-cation, think about doing so in the next few weeks.

All other ears will be available around the parks all summer long! Unfortunately, due to the distance from the Disney Parks and limited online information, I don't know which shops they'll be hiding in. So, if Tinkerbell carries you to the parks on a wave of pixie dust this summer, make sure to ask the nearest cast member where you can find a pair. These love-at-first-sight pairs are ones you just can't live without.

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