Twenty One Pilots Just Released New Music And The Clique Is Here For It

One year after the eccentric duo went silent on all of their social media and it seemed as though they were erased from existence, the band came back. Fans have long awaited the day when new music would arrive.

But along the way, mysterious links, letters, pictures, gifs, billboards, and cryptic emails led fans to speculate theories as to when the band would release something. Twitter was a firestorm of sleep-deprived users, including myself, that were constantly tweeting the band and piecing the puzzle together.

Wednesday, July 11th will be a day fans will never forget.

Twenty One Pilots released the official video for Jumpsuit, which gives fans answers as to the "Dema" character and links.

Last year, drummer Josh Dun eluded to Dema during his acceptance speech at the APMAS for "Most Dedicated Fan Base." I should say so since we've been waiting patiently this long! (If you're unfamiliar with this, all of the information is located on this Reddit thread.)

The Clique community is completely different than any other fanbase and has invested so much time and energy into a weird and amazing band!

Additionally, Twenty One Pilots updated their new website and announced that their full-length album "TRENCH" will be released October 5th AND that they are hitting the road for their BANDITO TOUR.


Welcome back, Twenty One Pilots! Listen to their two new singles! ("JUMPSUIT" is above and "NICO AND THE NINERS" is below.)

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