Why would anyone want to adopt a pitbull? I mean they're terrifying, right? I don't know how I convinced my mom to let me adopt a pit-mix.

Disclaimer: Pitbulls are wonderful dogs and this is meant as a parody. Everyone should adopt a pittie, they're amazing.

1. They're ferocious. I mean look how scary this one's teeth are!

2. God only knows what they might do to a baby

3. They're not family dogs

No definitely not.

4. They bite.

Wow. I'm so scared.

5. And they definitely can't be around other animals

Those poor chicks :(

6. They're untrainable


7. They have too much energy

Let this one speak for itself.....

8. You can't pet them

9. They're too serious

Yes. Very serious.

10. They could never make good pets

Guess again.

(Her name is Inara.)