13 Original Shows on Netflix that Everyone Should be Watching
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13 Original Shows on Netflix that Everyone Should be Watching

Everyone is talking about these Netflix Originals

13 Original Shows on Netflix that Everyone Should be Watching

Stuck watching 'Friends' or 'Grey's Anatomy' for the 100th time? Check out these 13 shows that everyone who owns Netflix should be watching:

13. The Haunting of Hill House

Released in 2018, The Haunting of Hill House is a Netflix original based off of Shirley Jackson's classic gothic horror novel. Created by Mike Flanagan, starring Michiel Huisman, Carla Gugino, Timothy Hutton, this is a tale of a broken family set in the present with flashes of the past as it tells of those horrors that occurred in their old home and what drove them from it.

This is a show for someone who likes build up of a plot and is able to connect past events with current situations. It is both frightening but not overwhelming. There are times you might jump and times where you want to cower under a blanket to peek at the screen.

12.  The Innocents

Told in the tale of two teenagers June and Harry, they find themselves running away together. This becomes dangerous when June displays abilities that are dangerous for her and for those around her. The Innocents is a British supernatural television series that premiered August of 2018. With only one season, eight episodes, this show is sure enough to capture your attention and bring light to dark topics. It allows views to speculate about Harry's and June's future.

A future that they hoped to be innocent and free is no longer a possibility.

11. Stranger Things

Stranger Things is an American science fiction horror television series created, written and directed by the Duffer Brothers. The series takes place in a fictional town Hawkins, Indiana in the 1980s where there is an investigation going on to find a missing young boy among supernatural event that is occurring around the town. This includes the appearance of a girl with psychokinetic abilities who help a group of boys try to find their missing friend. With two seasons released and a third season being released in July, it has surely captivated audience around the world triggering a large fandom base to support the series.

10. Insatiable

Insatiable is the appetite or desire that which is impossible to fulfill. Patty Bladell is a teenager who was constantly bullied for being overweight. After a freak accident, Patty was forced on a three-month liquid diet that made her lose all her excess weight. With her new body, she is out to seek revenge on those who bullied her. A disgraced civil lawyer and obsessed beauty pageant coach, Bob Armstrong, notices Patty's potential and sets out to turn her into a pageant queen. Starring Debby Ryan and Dallas Roberts, this show is sure to have you on your toes.

9. Atypical

With two seasons out and a third one in the making, Atypical is a coming-of-age that takes viewers on a journey as Sam, an 18-year-old on the autism spectrum decides to get a girlfriend. The first season received positive reviews but was criticized for its lack of autistic writers and inaccurate depictions of autism. Taking the reviews the heart season two featured more autistic writers and actors. Unlike other shows, this is solely a reality television show that tells the story of Sam growing up. It doesn't rely on stereotypes, nudity, or swearing to get the points across. It just that of a simple story.

8. A Series of Unfortunate Events

Based off of the thirteen book series written by Daniel Handler, pen name Lemony Snicket, it tells a "timeless" story of three siblings; Violet, Klaus and Sunny Baudelaire through three seasons and two episodes for each book. After losing their parents in a fire, they are sent to live with their murderous relative Count Olaf who attempts to steal their inheritance and orchestrates disasters to destroy the Baudelaire. Labeled as children's fiction, goth fictions, and black comedy, ASOUE takes on a whole new meaning of allusions, Transsexuality and thematic approach.

7.Black Mirror

It is a British science fiction anthology television show created by Charlie Brooker. It started out not as a Netflix original but Netflix did pick it up. Each episode is a standalone set in the alternative present or the near future. The episodes examine the modern society in regard to unanticipated results of newer technology. Two episodes "San Junipero" and "USS Callister" have won a total of six Emmy Awards. Bandersnatch is a recently released interactive episode. It is a show that will make you think about our world today and compare it to the ones in the show. It will make you question your entire existence. So go watch it.

6. Sex Education

Released in early January of 2019, Sex Education is about Otis, a teenage boy whose mother is a sex and relationship therapist. Rebel Maeve proposes running school sex-therapy clinic. Of course with great powers comes great responsibility that doesn't always work out for the best of everyone. Sex Education' series tackles a lot of aspects while giving out very informative stuff about sex that can help those who are struggling to come to an understanding. The show has great representation for people of color and those in the LGBTQ+ community. It is a fantastic coming of age story that everyone should watch.

5. The Rain


The Rain can be watched in English or in its original language: Dutch. It is a Danish, post-apocalyptic television where a virus that is carried by rainfall wipes out almost all of the humans in Scandinavia. Siblings Rimone and Simon take shelter in a bunker. Six years later they emerge and go off in search of their father, who is a scientist, who never returned. Along the way, they join up with other survivors. Season two is to be released in the summer of 2019!

4. End of the F***ing World


A budding teen psychopath and a rebel hungry for adventure embark on a star-crossed road trip in this darkly comic series based on a graphic novel. After being canceled as a British television show, Netflix has picked up the popular television show for a season two. Although there is no official release date, filming for the second season has already started.

3. The Umbrella Academy


Confirmed for the making of season two, The Umbrella Academy was created and written by the one and only Gerard Way from My Chemical Romance. Early February of 2019 Netflix released season one. Based on the comics, TUA is the story of a disbanded dysfunctional group of superheroes who unite after their adoptive father, who trained them to save the world, mysteriously dies. This is a show that is bound to keep you on your toes with loveable characters and realistic characters.

2. The OA


The OA is an American mystery drama television show with science fiction, supernatural and fantasy elements. Told through the story of Paririe Johnson, a once-blind woman who has suddenly reappeared after going missing for seven years who now calls herself the "OA". Not only does she refuse to tell the FBI or her parents anything, but she also refused to tell them how she regained her eyesight. She recruits 5 locals ( 4 high school students and a teacher) to tell her story and asks them to help her save the others she was held captive with. With actors like Ian Alexander ( a transgender non-binary actor, who plays Buck a transgender) and Brit Marling (OA), this show is bound to leave a mark within your heart.

1. Sense 8


The one most underrated television show to every exist. An American science fiction drama created by Lana and Lilly Wachowski and J. Michael Straczynski for Netflix. Eight people from around the world discover they now form a cluster of "sensates": human beings who are mentally and emotionally linked can sense and communicate with each other, and can share their knowledge, language, and skills. The eight—Capheus, Sun, Nomi, Kala, Riley, Wolfgang, Lito, and Will—are shown trying both to live their everyday lives and to figure out how and why they are connected. Meanwhile the Biological Preservation Organization (BPO) and Whispers (a high level sensate) are on the hunt for them. Acclaimed for the importance of exploring topics such as politics, sexuality, gender, religion and identity within the characters and the actors. After being canceled on a cliffhanger after season one, viewer took to the internet and stormed Netflix with tweets, messages, petitions and calls about renewing Sense8. After a long debate, Netflix gave viewers a two hour long special released on June 8th, 2018. The creators and the views still hope that one day a television streaming site such as CW (despite their gay bating) or HBO will pick Sense8 for a season three!

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