8 Captivating Netflix Shows To Watch This Summer

8 Captivating Netflix Shows To Watch This Summer

When there's nothing to do over summer break, watch a show on Netflix!

As summer break starts to roll in, so does the extra time to spend for ourselves! Sometimes, because we're so accustomed to having so many assignments and due dates during the school year, we don't know what to do when we haven't decided to hang out with friends. For those kinds of days, Netflix is the best solution, providing so many shows to choose from that cater to all interests.

Here are eight shows currently on Netflix that I love to watch.

1. "Black Mirror"

"Black Mirror" explores the possibilities of a future guided by technology, showing interesting scenarios where different people's lives are ruined by it. From a government official's public image to a normal woman's social media rating that decides her life, "Black Mirror" creatively envisions a society where they don't realize how much they rely on technology. The show gives off a mysterious "Twilight Zone" vibe and makes the viewer rethink his or her choices on how much he or she should rely on a mobile device.

2. "Grey's Anatomy"

When I first heard about the show, I found no interest in watching it because I was told that it was more about the surgeons' personal lives rather than the medical side of the show. I'm more of a "House" fan because I've always been fascinated by the amount of bravery doctors have when they work with patients. But "Grey's Anatomy" is a balance of medical practice and personal drama that keeps the viewer watching for the developing, underlying plot. Just after watching the first episode, I wanted more.

3. "The Office"

This is one of the classic comedy shows on Netflix that I've seen more than once. I love watching medical and crime shows, but "The Office" has a sort of character development that when I look back from season nine to season one, it's almost impossible to imagine that such people could change so much. I won't lie when I say that I've been emotional when watching certain episodes, but the emotions that come along with watching "The Office" are worth reliving.

4. "Gilmore Girls"

Lorelai and Rory Gilmore of Stars Hollow are the main characters of "Gilmore Girls", another show that's outside of my comfort zone. Rory is growing up, going from high school to college. The show progresses by documenting the mother and daughter's relationship and family drama. The best part about the show is how they're best friends more than they are just a mother and her child, and how they communicate with each other is unique.

5. "How To Get Away With Murder"

I'll admit, the title scared me when I first saw it on Netflix, but the first episode quickly cleared up the confusion. But that doesn't mean that the title is wrong... The show is about more than just how the main group of characters solves court cases; they have some problems of their own. "How to Get Away With Murder" is a great show for anyone with an interest in law and how to actually get away with murder.

6. "Friends"

I haven't finished "Friends" yet, but from what I've seen so far, the friend group's adventures are fun to follow. For me, Phoebe is my favorite character because her cluelessness is so relatable. At the same time, though, the six adults have their own underlying problems that allow their personalities to form, which makes them different from the others. I like the show especially because it lives up to its title. "Friends" shows how friendship can overcome any issue.

7. "A Series of Unfortunate Events"

When I was younger, I would always read Lemony Snicket's "A Series of Unfortunate Events." I always thought that he was a weird man, and when the older movie came out a few years ago, I would not stop watching it. So when I heard that the books were coming to life once again in a Netflix show, I could not be more thankful to have access to Netflix. I finished the show in two days because of how excited I was, and it lived up to my expectations! I'm so excited because I hear that there is apparently going to be a season two!

8. "Bones"

As soon as I had heard that "House" was being taken off Netflix on April 1, I knew that I had to quickly find another show that I'd enjoy. I stumbled upon "Bones," a show that I had seen snippets of when I was much younger, but I had never sat down to watch it completely. Before I knew it, I couldn't take my eyes off the screen and finished a few episodes in one night. To my luck though, seasons one through four were removed from Netflix on April 1, too, but the rest of the episodes are still there!

Hopefully, this is enough to last the whole summer! Have a great summer break 2017!

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Cover Image Credit:

@champagnepapi / Instagram

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