When I first came to college, my instinct was to be negative. It was SO easy to find the possible down-sides to every situation. It's easier to be negative than positive. I still have the tendency to be negative when situations get difficult, but being positive is much more rewarding.

I believe in the Law of Attraction, which states that you attract whatever energy you put forth into the Universe. I noticed that when my attitude changed and I tried to remain positive despite the situation, the consequences would usually be more positive. But even if the results weren't positive, my positive attitude would help me find the silver lining. Or I would just start all over the next day and wake up with a smile on my face, optimistic about the day.

Ever since my ex-boyfriend broke up with me and moved away in September, I have been really working on myself and my attitude. Through my first relationship, I discovered a lot of traits that I wanted to improve. My negativity was one of them. Being positive is REALLY hard sometimes and I can't maintain a positive attitude all the time. That's impossible and not a healthy lifestyle approach. But instead of focusing on the negatives, recognize that they exist and then search for the positives too.

If you have something about your life that you just HATE and want desperately to change, maintain a positive attitude and do everything within your power to change the situation. We are in control of a lot more than we realize! Try working on it whenever you notice yourself in a rut of negativity. Recognize the negative and then try to find the positives. Sometimes, the only positive in a situation is that you learned a lesson. But that's okay! Life is about learning and making mistakes!

So, be kind to yourself in this harsh world and try to remain positive as best you can!