Let's get started with why indoor plants are THE BOMB:

First of all, plants create oxygen...like the exact oxygen that WE, as humans, need to breathe. By oxygenating your lungs with indoor plants, your respiratory system is cleansed with the fresh, pure, and organic oxygen; which is incredibly essential tp counteract pollution in the air.

Adding plants inside your home also raises the vibration of the space. Energy is able to move freely and quickly which, in turn, increases the possibility of happy home-rs.

Indoor plants, obviously, add greenery to your home! Of course, the foliage with being aesthetically pleasing to look at, however, adding the extra green to your home can increase the love in the space. As green is the color of the heart chakra, due to color therapy, adding the color into your space can balance and realign your heart chakra.

Now, I can move on to pothos.


Pothos, or Epipremum, requires minimal light -- however, the lower the light, the less variegation or color your plant will produce.

Pothos only needs to be watered every seven to ten days.

Pothos is made up of vines that can grow impressively long and double as decor.


(I saved the best for last) ...

Pothos actually purifies the air!

On top of supplying fresh, pure, oxygen for your space, pothos will also CLEAN your space. Basically, like one of those vacuum robots that cleans while you're at work -- except those vacuums can get pretty pricey, and a baby pothos plant can be less than $10.

I have recently gone POTHOS CRAZY. To the point of quadrupling the number of pothos plants in my home. so clearly, there's something pretty great about these things!