With the release of "Kingdom Hearts 3" coming in, many trailers were released to amplify the hype for the upcoming game. However, I found the lack of my favorite character in the trailers to be disheartening. The trailers were able to feature Kairi (the main hero's love interest in the whole "Kingdom Hearts" franchise), Xion (the female protagonist in "Kingdom Hearts: 385/2 days"), and Aqua (the female protagonist in "Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep"). But none of the trailers have featured Naminé. Not only is she my favorite character, but she is also perhaps one of the most important allies in the "Kingdom Hearts."

Introduced in "Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories," Naminé is Kairi's nobody and a young witch who has the ability to manipulate Sora's memories and those close to him. She once served Organization 13, a group of nobodies who exploited her special abilities to alter Sora's memories and implanted false memories of her and Sora being friends. Her friendship with Sora moved her to betray Organization 13 and to repair Sora's memories.

What really offends me is that Naminé is tragically forgotten and overshadowed by her counterpart, Kairi along with other heroines such as Xion and Aqua. Here are three reasons why Naminé deserves more recognition and attention:

1. Naminé is such a big help to Sora and his friends

In "Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories" following her betrayal of Organization 13, she helps to repair Sora's memories and makes sure no harm will go to Sora by placing him into a deep slumber. While Sora is asleep, she also helps Sora's best friend Riku by giving him the confidence to face his darkness and reminding him that he can use darkness to guide him back to the path of light. Naminé also helps guides Xion in making the most important decision in "Kingdom Hearts: 385/2 days," which is to sacrifice herself to save her best friend and Sora's nobody, Roxas. In "Kingdom Hearts 2," Naminé demonstrates her tremendous service to Sora and friends once again. She also brings truth and comfort to a distraught Roxas, Sora's nobody who feels lost and hurt from the loss of his friends. She even helps free Kairi from her capture by Organization 13. Towards the end of "Kingdom Hearts 2," she helps Sora, Riku, and Kairi find their way back to Destiny Islands.

2. Naminé's relationship to Roxas is unique

Naminé plays a huge role in the character development of Roxas, one of the most popular and well-liked characters in the "Kingdom Hearts" franchise. In fact, she becomes the one Roxas trusts. She helps bring Roxas into acceptance of being Sora's nobody. At the beginning of "Kingdom Hearts 2," she gives him answers that no one else can give him, not even his best friends Axel and Xion. She assures Roxas that he will not disappear. At the end of "Kingdom Hearts 2," Naminé reunites with Roxas, who is happy to see her again and tells her that nobodies aren't doomed to fade at darkness at all because they got to be together again. Therefore, they both join together with their original selves and live on within Kairi and Sora. Afterwards, when Sora happily reunites with Kairi after their final battle with the leader of Organization 13, Kairi takes on the appearance of Naminé and Sora takes on the appearance of Roxas. They are both smiling at each other. Roxas, after losing his best friends Axel and Xion, at least has Naminé to share his future with. After all, Xion entrusts Roxas in Naminé's care right before she sacrifices herself.

3. Naminé has proven to herself that she does not have to be a Keyblade master in order to be a heroine

Unlike the other female characters in the "Kingdom Hearts" franchise, Naminé does not have to be a Keyblade wielder or even a Keyblade master to prove herself worthy of recognition. In fact, what has makes her stand out from the other female characters in the "Kingdom Hearts" franchise is her goodness in helping Sora and his friends. Unlike the heroes of "Kingdom Hearts," Naminé never has any friends and has been alone all this time. Despite being lonely, she is strong enough to never let it get to her and still help out Sora and his friends. In my opinion, she is the strongest out of all the heroines. She is no longer the fragile and quiet girl trapped in the hands of her manipulators. She is now a determined and trustful girl who is willing to help her friends in need. Thereby, she has earned friends and even the love and trust of Roxas as well.

Although Naminé is not featured in the trailers of "Kingdom Hearts 3," it makes me even more curious of the role she will play in the game since she is featured on the cover box art of the game itself. Will she help Sora and his friends once more in their time of need? Will she fight alongside Sora and his friends to defeat Xehanort? Or perhaps, will she and Roxas help Sora and his friends at their darkest hour? I guess I have to find out when "Kingdom Hearts 3" is in my hands.