My Wholly Guacamole Go-To Recipe

This week, I would like to introduce you to my Go-To guacamole recipe. Guacamole is one of my specialties. Every time there's a friends' gathering I'm the one to bring the guacamole; everyone loves it. So, here I am sharing my recipe with you and how I make it.


Two ripened medium-sized Mexican avocados

Two ripened medium to large plum tomatoes

Half a coriander bunch a.ka. Cilantro.

One medium to large red onion

One small husked green tomato a.k.a. tomatillo

2 large green limes (squeezed)

3/4 cup of Goya extra virgin olive oil

1 pouch of Concord Foods guacamole mix (optional)

Salt and pepper to taste.


I use a manual mixer for making my guacamole. But, you can use an electric blender. I find that using the manual mixer gives me a better chance to blend all ingredients without over blending. That way, all the colors from the ingredients (tomatoes, onions) can be appreciated and contrast with the yellow-green from the avocados. I would suggest not to add all ingredients together in the electric blender, but in the order that the recipe calls. That way we can have a chunky, colorful, and tasty guacamole.

Set up manual mixer, using the helix blade. In the mixer bowl start adding the ingredients as follows:

Cut the avocados lengthwise, once sliced cut into small cubes, press your thumb in the peel and drop cubes into mixing bowl. Dice plum tomatoes into chunky pieces, and add them to the avocado. Peel onion off and using a shredder, shred the onion into the bowl using the finest shredding side. Do, the same with the tomatillo. Now, add the olive oil.

Place the mixing bowl lid with helix blade and start blending all ingredients together. The olive oil will make it easier to mix all larger ingredients faster. Blend until you have formed an even paste, but still can see some chunky red pieces from the plum tomatoes. Take a taste of it to check if more oil is needed.

Add the content of the guacamole mix pouch. This will work as a preservative. Squeeze the two limes making sure to catch the seeds, add salt and pepper. Replace the lid, and start mixing the ingredients again. Keep blending, until the little pieces of the red plum tomatoes can be seen. Take a taste of the mix to check if more salt is needed.

Take a half bunch of coriander and cut it into tiny pieces. Start cutting bunch from the roots up. Toss the hairy roots. And cut your way up to the leaves, keeping the stems. Once, the bunch is nicely cut. Add coriander to the mix. Replace bowl lid and mix the coriander, until some of it has gone to the bottom. Now that all ingredients are perfectly blended, taste the guacamole. Once you have reached your desired flavor, serve in a separate glass bowl. Transfer the guacamole from the mixing bowl into a clear glass bowl using a large spatula. Garnish with scallions, capers, banana peppers, and jalapenos. It's up to your taste and your guests' preference.

This recipe is mild. So, if a spicy recipe is desired. Shred two jalapeno peppers before the onions, and add a half cup of Texas Pete hot sauce or Tabasco sauce. If, taking both recipes to a party, decorate the spicy guacamole with the jalapenos only to identify it from the mild.

Spicy Guacamole with Toasted Chips

This recipe can be chilled overnight if serving the day after making it. The guacamole can be used as a dipping sauce for corn tortilla chips or topped on toasted baguettes.

I hope that you try it and enjoy it!

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