6 Destinations That Should Be On Everyone's Travel Bucket List
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6 Destinations That Should Be On Everyone's Travel Bucket List

Time to save some money and travel!


I have many goals I would like to achieve by certain ages, but the one that I have in common with almost everyone is to travel. There are so many places around the world that have caught my eye with the site seeing, the entertainment, and let's not get, the amazing picture opportunities a girl could get. Seriously, who wouldn't want to travel?

1. Greece

Have you ever seen "Mamma Mia?" The beautiful blue water, the white brick aesthetic, and the friendly people. I think I have been drawn to traveling to Greece since I have been little. I love the idea of waking up, walking outside, and taking in a deep breath of fresh ocean air. I do not have a specific spot in Greece yet, but I have a while to decide on that!

2. Seattle, Washington

One word: coffee. As a college student who drinks at least two cups a day, I am a coffee enthusiast. How cool would it be to visit the birthplace of Starbucks? Another perk is the gloomy weather. I know some people would protest against going on vacation and sitting in the rain every day. I think it would be a relaxing way to unwind and get back to yourself.

3. Bora Bora

Typical, I know. Everybody's vacation list probably has Bora Bora on it. My go-to brands travel all of my favorite YouTubers for launches of new products or for a relaxing getaway. I have seen PLENTY of pictures and videos of the beautiful place. Swimming in the teal-blue water, hiking, and exploring are just a few of the reasons to visit.

Let's be honest, who wouldn't want to stay in one of those cute huts above the water?

4. Paris, France

It is every girl's dream to visit the Eiffel Tower as the lights bring the city to a glow. I am one of those. Let's not forget the bread and pastries galore!

5. Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

I have already been here, but I would love to go back. The last time my family and I traveled there, we laid on the beach, swam with stingrays, and took an all-day boat trip out into the ocean. I would love to go back and visit a new hotel, walk up and down the sandy beach, swim in the warm ocean water, and maybe even try zip-lining.

6. Hawaii

Hawaii is the perfect destination for a couple's getaway or family vacation. You are guaranteed to be surrounded by views of ocean water, beautiful palm trees, and volcanic mountains. The food, specifically the assortment of fresh fruit, is what draws me to Hawaii even more.

What beautiful travel destinations are on your bucket list?

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