My Top Five Dream Matches
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My Top Five Dream Matches

It could happen... it could not.


Imagine this scenario: Two of the top wrestling promotions - NJPW and WWE - in the entire world somehow allowed us to choose from their selection of wrestlers and let them have a match together. No promotion boundaries, just wrestling for the sake of wrestling. If you could choose any wrestler from any of these companies to have a match together for the hell of it, who would you choose? Sometimes we get caught up in the 'it'll never happen...' phase but just imagine, with no negativity, what it would be like to see what you wanted. Or maybe there are dream matches within the one company that you want to see but don't know if it will ever happen - that counts, too.

I myself would like to let the world know of my preferences, so here are my top five dream matches that I'd like to see.

1. Hiroshi Tanahashi vs John Cena

The Ace of Japan versus the Franchise of WWE; it'd be a colossal showdown between the two biggest faces from the two biggest promotions. Tanahashi helped build New Japan from the ground, and Cena has been the top guy for just as long, one of the final remnants from his class. These two have been compared to each other for years (and there is a photo of Tana standing next to a poster of Cena, so even he is aware of said comparisons), so the two of them would most likely be down to see who is the true top wrestling guy.

2. Becky Lynch vs Asuka

I realize that this is a match that plausibly could happen which is exciting, but that doesn't diminish it being a dream match for me. Arm bar vs arm bar, they are both hard hitters (with funky colored hair) who would hold nothing back in a storyline with each other. Besides... during NXT Takeover Brooklyn III, Asuka taunted Becky who was sitting front row by doing the seated fujiwara armbar - the Dis-Arm-Her - to her opponent, Ember Moon; that is reason enough to start a story between the two. Stealing someone's move in front of them? That takes a lot of gall.

3. Roman Reigns vs Kazuchika Okada

This follows a similar read to the first match mentioned - these two have been compared to each other due to their big pushes as the Next Face. Both of these wrestlers give out consistent, great matches and hardly any of their opponents have anything negative to say to them (outside of kayfabe). They are also around the same age, and have a unique ability to adapt to their opponents, so if they clashed, it would be one to remember.

4. The Guerrillas of Destiny vs The Usos

Family vs Family, that will always spark intrigue. They've had different paths, one that led one team to New Japan (G.O.D.) and the other to WWE. But imagine the kind of destruction they could have in a match together - both of these teams can get very, and I mean very - creative in that ring. Enough said.

5. Naomi vs Ember Moon

This is something I've been seeing on Tumblr lately and it would be such a spectacle. Both of these women are unreal in that ring; the amount of athleticism they both possess is so stellar that one can just see them bouncing around the ring together. They don't need to have the heel v babyface dynamic - both are natural babyfaces - for the crowd would be on fire for both of these women regardless.

Bonus (men's): Drew McIntyre vs anyone and everyone from Bullet Club

This mainly stems from my resentment of Bullet Club and a (deleted) tweet that Drew McIntyre wrote pretty much saying he is putting the Main Roster and NXT on notice for being complacent. I would just enjoy seeing an all out brawl between this 6'5" Scotsman and this group that has (personally speaking) long overstayed their welcome.

Bonus (women's): Sasha Banks vs Zelina Vega

I can see a match like this being built based on their promo work - both are incredibly strong on the mic as heels and the amount of insults they could throw at each other could bring out the best in these two. The hurricanranas of these two between these two as well? Out of this world.

Maybe one day the stars will align to allow even just one of these matches to happen... I know they'd be worth every penny.

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