Within the past year, I recently discovered that you can easily access thousands of podcasts on Spotify, and it has been a game changer. Here are my top 4 podcasts that I listen to:

1. "Pat McAfee Show 2.0".

"The Pat McAfee 2.0" is a spinoff of the "Barstool Heartland" podcast the Pat McAfee Show. Now separated from Barstool Sports, McAfee and his crew started their own "small business" and continued the show on their own terms. The podcast that comes out twice a week features interviews from notable sports figures and celebrities such as AQ Shipley, Kirk Herbstreit, and others. McAfee and his team also share experiences, and Pat himself talks about different experiences he's had in his lifetime.

2. "Monday Morning Podcast".

"Monday Morning Podcast" is a weekly show hosted by comedian Bill Burr. Each episode is an hour long, and Burr talks about his past experiences, current events, sports and gives advice to listeners who submit questions. He also talks about life on the road touring around the country being a stand-up comedian.

3. "Pardon My Take".

"Pardon My Take" is a comedic sports podcast created by Barstool Sports. The show is hosted by Dan Katx, or "Big Cat" and PFT Commenter. The duo uses satire to comment on sports media and current news. The show hosts a variety and segments and has had many big-name sports personalities and celebrities on the show.

4. "The Joe Rogan Experience".

Joe Rogan is an American comedian, actor and former television host. The podcast started in 2009 and has easily grown to one of the most popular in the world. Rogan is known for being high during his podcasts and having recurring guests such as comedians Joey Diaz and Tom Segura. Rogan likes to talk in-depth about problems going on within society, but also focuses on his guests' careers and explore their opinions about certain topics.