My Top 20 Favorite TikTok Creators
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As someone who has been on TikTok, consuming and creating content since mid-2019, I can tell you that this is a list of creators who are my absolute favorite! They make all sorts of content, and they're all totally unique! So check them out!

Jeremy Scheck → @scheckeats

I've mentioned Jeremy Scheck in one of my recent articles, but I'm bringing him up again because he really is SO talented!! And I love that he gears his recipes towards college students, so all of his recipes on his page are pretty cheap to make, and so easy to do in a dorm or apartment kitchen! Jeremy, I just bought a set of Danish dough whisks because of you!!

Mikayla Nogueira → @mikaylanogueira

Now I will be the first to say that I don't know anything about makeup or skincare, but I do know that Mikayla is amazing. I'm now trying to learn from the tips she shares on her page, and about what brands to try based on the reviews she does on her page! There have been some amazing looking skin serums (that's a thing, right?) and primers, and whatever other kinds of makeup products there are, that I've seen on her page, and it makes me want to dive into the world of skincare and makeup, despite the fact that my wallet may be ~screaming~ at me not to.

Dennie Augustine → @thegodmutha

Ever been feeling lazy and needed motivation, or just felt like you needed someone to tell you that you're doing a great job? Then look no further! Dennie will tell you all that, and more, with a lot of aggression. I watch her videos on a loop, because they are absolutely hilarious, and now she's always all over my FYP. (That's For You Page for all of my non-TikTokers reading!)

Remi Bader → @remibader

Remi Bader is my favorite model on this entire app. She is a curve model who does REALISTIC clothing hauls from companies like Brandy Melville, Fashion Nova, and Abercrombie, spilling the real tea on which items she likes or dislikes, and I just absolutely love her energy and honesty!

Kelsey Kotzur → @kelsey_kotzur

I usually shy away from influencer accounts, but I found Kelsey Kotzur's account on my for you page and I fell in love with her! Her sense of style is *chef's kiss* perfect! Please go check out her page and give it some love, because her Instagram and TikTok feeds look how I aspire to look.

Celina Myers → @celinaspookyboo

Celina Myers truly does it all. But my favorite videos of hers are her clips of her sleepwalking. She has cameras inside her house to capture her antics while she sleepwalks, and lemme tell you, it is the funniest damn thing that I have seen in a WHILE. If you wanna laugh uncontrollably until your sides hurt, please go give her TikToks some views! She is also a beauty brand owner, author, and a podcast host, so if you vibe with her page, check out her products!

Anna Sitar → @annaxsitar

Anna is the queen of TikTok. There, I said it!! Besides being an absolute ANGEL, she is the Starbucks queen (Starbucks, sponsor her ASAP) and does reviews of drinks that her followers recommend to her, or she leaves the creativity to the baristas, who she sometimes asks to make a drink that they like, or that they think would be pretty! Also, you can't forget the CEO of the "I don't want it" videos. And if you don't know what I'm talking about, click below!

Shina Nova → @shinanova

Shina is an Inuk creator! I've loved learning about the culture of the Inuit people, like throat singing, or eating raw meats like caribou, beluga, and seal! Go check out her videos to learn about the amazing traditions of her people! TikTok has truly become an educational platform for everyone!

Steven Ho → @steveioe

Steven works as an ER doctor, and he spends his time on TikTok educating people on ER and hospital procedures, with the MOST sass and shade. If you ever wanted to learn about hospital etiquette, or what certain medical terms mean, then scroll through his videos.

Ryan Kelly → @youthpastorryan

If a golden retriever was a person, it would be Ryan Kelly. I love his happy wholesome Disney stories, but remember, he doesn't speak for the brand or the company! He is also a stand-up comedian, so look him on YouTube too!

Nicole Gray → @tangwystl

I live for ASMR videos, and her chill receptionist vibes are ~exquisite~. She plays the role of Hemlock, in the Lost and Misplaced/Misdirected Souls Department as the Director of Limbo and Purgatory! She's created such an amazing and unique reality on her page, so go check it out!

Hank Green → @hankgreen1

If you don't already know who Hank Green is, then get ready, because this man is Gen Z's Bill Nye. He answers all of the internet's science questions, like "Is ice a rock? And if so, does that mean water is lava since lava is liquid rock?". He is the brother of famous author John Green, being an author himself, and is also a musician, entrepreneur, internet producer, and co-founder of VidCon.

Tia Wood → @tiamiscihk

Tia is another amazing Native American creator, who is Plains Cree and Salish! She uses a majority of her videos to showcase her tribe's cultural practices, indigenous regalia, dances, and traditions, and to advocate and speak out about the history of oppression and gentrification of Native American people.

Spencer → @spencewuah

Like @godmutha, Spencer is quite popular for screaming motivations at us, but also for the daily scream, a video he posts screaming (in anger or on excitement) about whatever is going on in his life! And may I just say, I live for the drama and tea spills from Spencer, because I love drama, just not when I'm involved!

Chris Olsen & Ian Paget → @chris & @ianpaget_

I love couples on TikTok, but Chris and Ian are my absolute favorite. The way their personalities balance each other out is hilarious, and I love watching Chris try to prank and agitate Ian, who always keeps a level head and approaches Chris' pranks with logic and pragmatism. I love them and how they love each other!

Nicole Ciravolo → @nicoleciravolo

Another receptionist ASMR account, coincidentally also named Nicole! But this Nicole Ciravolo's character is much different from Nicole Gray's! Nicole C is the famous Miss Connie, the receptionist in a high school office who doesn't take crap from anybody, and helps every student who walks in with whatever they need, with a smile, a wink, and an offer of some peppermints or caramels!

Nadia Munno, a.k.a. "The Pasta Queen" → @the_pastaqueen

The Pasta Queen and her recipes are JUST GORGEOUS! (Watch her videos, and you'll see how funny that is) She gives recipes for all sorts of different pasta dishes, giving backstory on some, and her full recipe tutorials are only a minute long! Having tried several of her recipes myself, and even having written an article on her creamy lemon spaghetti, I can say with full confidence, and the passion of an Italian, that she is incredibly talented, and these recipes are incredibly delicious!

Tabitha Brown → @iamtabithabrown

I think the fact that several of my top creators focus on cooking and sharing their recipes says a lot about me! Miss Tabitha Brown shares her amazing vegan recipes, and how she likes to make things, but remember, you can change the seasoning or anything else you like, "because that's your business!" I fully credit her with the fact that I always say "like so like that" whenever I cook for myself!

Tre Clements → @treclements

This man, aside from having the ability to make me cry laughing every time I watch his videos, has the ability to jump so high that he exits Earth's atmosphere and launches himself into orbit. I'm an especially big fan of his rants, and his extreme versions of popular TikTok dances or audios.

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