My Summer 2020 Bucket List Before Ms. Rona Decided To Visit
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This is the bucket list that I had worked on all throughout the school year of 2019-2020, and I super excited to complete it this summer. Even though the world had other plans for my fantabulous summer extravaganza, I still want to share this list with you so hopefully NEXT SUMMER you can grab inspiration and go have some fun! I mean, what's a little more waiting?

And yes - I will warn you now that this is a cliché, midwestern college girl's bucketlist.

1. Pictures in a Sunflower Field 

This might be the most cliché of all of them (and still possible even with the virus!), but I thought I would still include it.

2. Road Trip!!

A couple of my hometown friends and I had planned a road trip from Illinois to Indiana to Kentucky and finally to Tennessee where we would stay for a couple days and hike in the smokey mountains.

3. Wisconsin Dells

I would have been relaxing to get away with some college friends and have some fun on watersides for a weekend!

4. Indiana Sand Dune State Park

If you love the beach but hate saltwater, this place is a dream! Its got rolling sand dunes placed right next to cool, fresh-watered Lake Michigan.

5. Six Flags Great America

Who doesn't love rollercoasters?

6. See a Broadway Production at the Chicago Theater

I was totally hoping to see a classic like Les Miserables or Hamilton (which is now on Disney+ if you want to watch it!)

7. Ice Skating Date

I would have loved to hit the local ice rink with my boyfriend and have a date on the ice.

8. Lake Geneva Trip

I've always wanted to ride a jet-ski and sit out on the lake all day with the sun shining.

9. Drive in Theater in McHenry County

Another good date idea (or friend date too!). The theater is open right now, but with all of the restrictions it would not be the same as a corona-free time.

10. Chicago Fun

There is a lot to do in Chicago, and I would have loved to visit some new friends there this summer!

11. Good-old Fashioned Shopping Date

Man, I didn't ever think I would miss have the ability to go to the mall. Usually I find them crowded and super expensive, but what I really miss is goofing around with my friends and looking at clothes.

12. Camping

Toasting marshmallows under the stars, telling funny stories, and enjoying time with my friends and family is the best thing I could have put on this list.

I hope that these 12 small things remind you of how life was before social distancing, wearing masks, and being afarid to go anywhere in public without the fear of contracting the virus. I also hope this inspires you to keep following those regulations because if everyone does, someday soon we can go back to checking fun adventures off of our bucket lists.

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