I Love My Piece Of Junk Car
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8 Reasons Your Junk Car Is Better Than A Brand New Car

Your "junk car" as others may call it is basically your time machine and you can point to every stain, scratch, and dent and recall what memory that made.

8 Reasons Your Junk Car Is Better Than A Brand New Car
Loui Wenig

Junk car, ghetto car, or piece-of-junk is basically a common phrase I'm talking about my car with other people. But whatever they say, I actually do appreciate and actually like my car. A 2006 Chevy Impala that is still running good but has a few issues and going on fourteen years, I'd say that's pretty good. The hood and bumper of my car are black due to an accident I got in last year but there are no other visible dents on the outside but there are some cars that are just beaters that look like they've been through multiple demolition derbies. My car has been through a lot but I wouldn't trade it for a different car, and I also can't afford a new car.

1. If someone hits your car it's not a big deal


Not that you're driving it like you stole it every time you're in there, but if someone were to hit your bumper you wouldn't freak out. It's just another little dent.

2. If the muffler falls off it's not a big deal


Why not have a louder car? It matches the hood and the bumper and all the rust and scratches anyway, not a priority to get it fixed right now.

3. Any repairs that are needed aren't super time sensitive


Kinda goes with the muffler, it doesn't need to be put back on right away because it's an older car and these things happen… right?

4. When planning a trip, others usually want to take their car so that's less miles on your car


Everyone else always offers to drive their car before I can offer, not sure what that's about.

5. You could probably sell your car to someone else for 500 bucks


That's easy money right there but then you're out of transportation so maybe you don't wanna do that.

6. You know every song on the radio because your car was made before the aux cord


I actually have an aux cord but one of my friends has an older car and she doesn't have an aux so we just chill to the radio.

7. You've been through memories, good and bad, with your car


Through the good times, whether it be all of high school and through college (or part of it if it makes it that long) or countless summers and through the bad times - car wrecks, insurance going up, horrendous gas prices, and taking your little brother to practice. I've been through some really good times with my car and some really bad times.

8. It starts every single cold day in the winter


There have been a few times where I thought that my car wasn't going to start because it can get so cold here in Wisconsin, but I'm really thankful every time it starts up.

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