As I sat in the theater awaiting to be transported into the tremendously beautiful Star Wars universe, I found myself overcome with emotion. It's the same emotion I have when I hear the blaring trumpets of the theme and see the opening crawl spread across the screen. Star Wars is and always has been the one of the most influential things in my life. When discussing Star Wars with other fans, though, the first question that must be answered on all fronts is "what is your favorite Star Wars". Over the years, I have had to form many different lists of the Star Wars movies to accommodate to new releases as well change in opinion. However I have finally reached a decision; here is my official listing of the Star Wars in order from favorite to least favorite.

1. Episode IV: A New Hope:

People will constantly fight me on this due to it not being known as the best Star Wars movie. However, this movie IS Star Wars. It's the original, the base, and nearly flawless introduction to the Star Wars universe.

2. Episode V: Empire Strikes Back

Although I do recognize that this one is the most well made film of the franchise, it will never be my favorite. Nonetheless, this movie is absolutely incredible. From introducing to new exotic locations like Dagobah and Cloud City to containing of the biggest cinematic reveal, Empire Strikes Back is for me a movie that created standards that all other film creators should take inspiration from.

3. Episode VII: The Force Awakens:

I don't care if you don't like the Sequel movies, you are wrong. The Force Awakens is a true callback to original trilogy and every scene in it leaves you on the edge of your seat wanting more. Also, it perfectly introduces a new generation of heroes and villains that everyone can enjoy.

4. Episode VIII: The Last Jedi:

Yes, I love this movie; no, I don't like Rose. Disregarding that, Daisy Ridley and Adam Driver's performances in this film are the greatest performances in any Star Wars movie up to date. They steal the show with their magnificently intense connection scenes and their marvelous characterization. Also, have you seen the Throne Room scene? One of the greatest choreographed scenes in Star Wars movies.

5. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story:

A true war film, Rogue One is a captivating movie from start to finish. It's magnificent cast and incredible story create a piece of art on screen that allows for a perfect lead into the original trilogy. This film also contains what is possibly one of the most beautiful yet horrifying scenes as Darth Vader chops his way through the rebel soldiers in attempt to take back the stolen plans. This film is a journey all throughout and it takes you on a ride that every Star Wars film should.

6. Episode III: Revenge of the Sith:

The most meme filled movie of them all has a very dear place in my heart. The reason why, is it contains some of the coolest lightsaber battles ever put on a screen. Every time a lightsaber is ignited on screen, the movie gets a little bit better. Also, Hayden Christensen's acting is a great deal better than his performance on the second film.

7. Episode VI: Return of the Jedi:

I LOVE EWOKS! But honestly, Return of the Jedi isn't that great of a film. Don't get me wrong, I love it with all my heart and I'd watch it any day but come on. It is a fun film but not a very good one.

8. Episode I: The Phantom Menace:

The only reason this isn't last is because of Darth Maul and the lightsaber duel at the end. That's it.

9. Episode II: Attack of the Clones:

I don't know what to say. Geonosis is cool I guess.