Mama and Daddy,

Let me first start by saying thank you for everything you have given me in life and also for all your support with everything that I do. Ever since I was little y'all would always give me everything that I wanted, most people would say that I'm spoiled... but that's wrong that's me being loved.

Ever since I was about 4 y'all have made me an energetic child.From dance recitals, to collegiate soccer games, y'all are always there to support me. Thank you for driving miles and miles just to see me play even if we did have a terrible season. Also for always being my number 1 fan on and off the field. Thank you for loving me and shaping me into the young woman that I have become and not only for being my parents but also for being my bestfriends.

Another thank you is for your never ending love. Y'all have shown me what true love is and I will always be grateful for that. Y'all are my rock and I couldn't do anything without you guys. Thank you for also leading me closer to God.

Mama and Daddy, I know that I don't thank y'all as much as I need to nor see y'all as much as I do but I will always try and show it. You both are my rock and I couldn't live without y'all. Thank y'all for everything, I am truly blessed with amazing parents, I couldn't ask for better!