My Own Inaugural Poem
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My Own Inaugural Poem

What I want for the future of our country

My Own Inaugural Poem

It is up to us to make a new world

A world that is safe and promotes peace

It is up to us to engage

And it is up to us to change!

On this auspicious day

There is much to say

As we rise to fix this nations disarray

And hope to god our prayers are conveyed

It is time we come together once and for all

As we honor our forefathers

And nurture our future leaders

We must set a precedent

A precedent of equality and tranquility

Amongst our diverse communities

Our children are looking up to us

To set the course of generations ahead

To bring love, hope, and kindness

Not only to ourselves but to everyone

To every one of all age, weight, height, and skin color

To every one of all religions and beliefs

And last but not least

To every one of all political and social backgrounds

Yes, we have had our setbacks

Yes we have had our faults

From violence to pandemics

And from riots to thousands of civilan deaths

But at the end of the day, we are human

We can only learn from our mistakes and grow

We can make new social norms!

We can make new religious norms!

We can make new political norms!

We can unite our nation once and for all

It is up to us to make a new world

A world that is safe and promotes peace

It is up to us to engage

And it is up to us to change!

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