My House Is Haunted

When I was growing up, some of my family members experienced a few creepy things in this house. I currently live in Alabama. I moved up here 3 years ago. I'm originally from Florida and I lived in this house for a good 8 years. My brother, my dad, and my stepmom still live there. The house is haunted to this day.

Before we moved in, I heard about the lady that lived there before us. My grandma lives right next door so we would see her every day walking her dogs down the road. One afternoon, she was unpacking from a trip she had been on. She pulled out her shotgun, that was wrapped in many layers of quilts. She accidentally shot herself in the garage. We were right next door at my grandmother's house when the gun went off. We didn't hear the gun go off. We found out something was wrong when we saw an ambulance flying down the main road. She didn't die in the house. She sadly passed away in the hospital. So we believe that her spirit resides in the house.

When we first moved in, we always heard the stairs creak and the old wooden floors would squeak after we all went to bed. We got used to it.

One time, my stepmom was poked in the shower. She thought my dad had sneaked up behind her and poked her, but she was alone. That really freaked me out. Every time I took a shower after that I tried to be as quick as possible. I couldn't relax.

My aunt stayed the night all by herself one time. Around midnight she was woken up suddenly by loud stomping upstairs. We had 3 dogs, and she saw that they were all in the living room with her. She freaked out and ran outside. She never stayed overnight in the house after that.

My poor brother has had the most experiences. One time he was alone and the TV turned on by itself. He happened to walk past the living room when it happened. He walked into the room. The remote was sitting on the table so no one could've touched it.

He swears he saw the silhouette of a lady one time standing in his bedroom doorway. He thought it was our stepmom. He looked again and no one was standing there.

About 2 weeks ago something happened again. He was sitting at his desk in his room. His fan was blowing air. His air conditioner was on. He felt someone brush the back of his neck. He said the hairs on his neck stood straight up. He turned around, and of course, no one was there. The wind was already blowing, so it wasn't that. He said it felt like an actual touch.

Right after that my brother found out that the lady that lived there before lived in his room! That really freaked me out!

Luckily for me, she has never messed with me. I don't mess around with that kind of stuff. Hopefully when I go back to visit she won't disturb me.

I don't think she is a negative spirit at all. I think she just likes my brother and wants to make her presence known.

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