There's No Place like Home For The Holidays

Home is seeing Mama’s face as soon as you walk through the door.

Home is the smell of home cooked food drifting from the kitchen.

Home is the dog curled up in your lap because the cat is curled up in the dog bed.

Home is where feet covered in fuzzy socks are propped on the fireplace to keep warm.

Home is the room being illuminated with lights from the tree and the fireplace glow.

Home is sneaking a piece of Christmas cookie dough when Mama isn’t looking.

Home is lounging in pajamas for longer than you should.

Home is resisting the urge to open that present with your name on it.

Home is watching old Christmas movies until you fall asleep.

Home is stockings with everyone’s name on them.

Home is the peace of The First Noel.

Home is dad yelling at the TV during a ball game.

Home is being spoiled by grandparents.

Home is eating until your pants don’t fit.

Home is a candle light service at church.

Home is seeing your friends’ faces during a gift exchange.

Home is riding around looking at Christmas lights, with no destination in mind.

Home is having that special someone home for the holidays.

Home is icicles dripping from the roof.

Home is having too many people under one roof, but not wanting it any other way.

Home is laughing until your stomach hurts and tears are running down your face.

Home is where God has placed you this holiday season.

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