My Heart as a Sideshow

Ladies and gentlemen

And people who do not conform

To the gender binary,


We have a wonderful show

For you today

Come and witness the spectacular

Performance of Rylie’s heart!

Watch as the heart does what many

Hearts have tried but failed

To do before

Do not attempt this without a lot

Of practice

First, we will bring out

A tiger for her to play with

The tiger is getting aggressive

And swipes at her

scratching the poor heart

But the heart says

“I forgive you”

As the tiger saunters away

Next, we bring in a self pitying

Narcissistic bearded lady

Who has bruised this heart for years

Filling it with bitterness

But acts innocent as can be

The heart has every right

To hate this bearded lady

But the heart declares

“I forgive you”

And the narcissist struts away

Coming up, he was hard to get here

but with us today we have a mime!

He started his miming career

while he was supposed

to be protecting Rylie’s heart

Unfortunately, he seemed to have forgotten

That when he took his oath of silence

When he walks up to her heart

He pretends there is wall in front

Of him and he does not look at her

But the heart looks down and whispers

“I forgive you”

He pretends to pull a rope while he walks off stage

Our final guest is an amazing juggler!

Watch and be mesmerized by his speed

Watch how many balls he can juggle

Watch him lose control and drop them

Watch him glare at the heart

As if it is her fault

As if he knocked them out of his hands

His face softens and he eyes do too

Rylie’s heart reassures him

“I forgive you”

The juggler nods and slowly walks away

What a show! What a performance!

Give it up for Rylie’s heart!

We watched as the heart went

Through such ache and sorrow

And yet is still standing here

And offering forgiveness to people

who may not even deserve it

Or want it for that matter

Such bravery! Such courage!

Thank you for coming to our show

Please pick up your candy wrappers

And tissues on your way out

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