7 Reasons Why I Am Vegetarian
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7 Reasons Why I Am Vegetarian

My health was a reason but after I saw how the meat got to my plate, I knew I couldn't do it anymore.

7 Reasons Why I Am Vegetarian

US meat industry is inhuman and cruel, I do not support it and that is why I am vegetarian. Being Vegetarian is seem to be hard but not at all. I have been vegetarian for half a year and I am glad I did. All the information I gathered from the process to becoming vegetarian to today is from Peta2. Here are the 7 reasons why I when Vegetarian.

7. My health was always affected by red meat.

As long as I could remember, I had horrible headaches every time I ate red meat. I would get aggressive and extreme headaches that would lead to sleepless nights. It wasn't that my mother didn't clean and cook the meat right, it was just my body reacting differently to the red meat.

6. Meat made me vomit constantly.

At least once a day, I ran to the bathroom to vomit. It made me very nauseous and made me very sick. I never understood why it caused me such a discomfort for my body to process meat but it did. Though I ate meat a lot (I am Mexican, Mexicans eat a lot of meat), I remember fighting with my parents because I wouldn't eat the meat at parties or at home. When I ate meat, I disliked anything that was pig meat base (YES I DISLIKED BACON).

5. Leather Kills

The thought of an animal being chopped into pieces alive does not create pain in your heart, just know that animals are also skinned ALIVE! Everyday animals like cows, pigs, goats, sheep, and exotic animals are skinned for handbags, shoes and jackets. So next time you wear your expensive leather item, remember you just contributed to the skinned of an animal that was alive in the process.

4. Fur kills too!!!!

Just like the leather industry, fur is used for jackets and boots. Many of these animals are skinned alive just to use their fur for clothing items. It's inhuman and disgusting and I am glad I was too poor as a child for my parents to buy leather and fur items for me. Now that I can afford them, I could never and would NEVER buy leather or fur.

3. Health reasons I learned after I made the decision of going vegetarian.

One of the main reasons people die in America is due to obesity, heart disease, cancer and strokes. Many of these are linked to meat based diets. Peta wrote, "People who consume animal products are also at increased risk for many other illnesses, including strokes, obesity, osteoporosis, arthritis, Alzheimer’s, multiple allergies, diabetes, and food poisoning."

2. Makeup test on animals!

The cost of beauty is too high for me. I love to wear makeup everyday, I look forward to contouring and baking my face but it's not worth innocent animals going through pain. I will never support makeup companies that test on animals. Their is no need for testing on animals because that would mean those companies are putting chemicals that are dangerous. Makeup should be organic and healthy for the skin. I when cruelty free on my makeup a few days after I when vegetarian.

1. After watching Earthling, my life changed.

On December 4, 2015 my life changed for good. I was dropping off something to my friend Neah and I sat down to ask her why she when Vegan. She spoke to me about the process for animals in animal shelters and I was in tears. She later asked me if I wanted to see the documentary that led her to go Vegan. I watched it, I threw up and cried. It made me realize how the meat got to my plate and that was when I decided to go Vegetarians. I am glad I when Vegetarian and I suggest everybody who doesn't know how the meat industry in the US goes, to watch this documentary called Earthling. Your choice but it's their lives as well.

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