"You are my sunshine, my only sunshine. You make me happy when skies are gray. You'll never know dear how much I love you. Please don't take my sunshine away." I grew up hearing these lyrics from the nursery rhyme "You Are My Sunshine."

My mother was young when she had me. Therefore, my Gammie Lisa played a very active role in my childhood. She would sing me bedtime songs, get me ready in the morning, pick me up from school, and so much more.

My Grammie Lisa is very passionate about her family. She keeps the people in her family safe, calls to check on them, and nurtures them.

When I was little, I would get very frustrated with her. I was not allowed to ride my bike on the road in the neighborhood without her. She would tell me that I would be "flattened like a pancake." I also was not allowed to walk to my friend's house down the street by myself.

At the time, I used to think these rules were silly. However, now that I am a big sister and often left in charge of my siblings, I do the same things. If my brother wants to go to a friend's house, he does not walk alone. If my little sister wants to ride her bike on the road, I have to be with her. I know for a fact I act like her because my brothers refer to me as "Mini Grammie."

Grammie Lisa calls me every day. She wants to know how my day is going, what my plans are, if I am feeling okay, or if I am having a good day. I love having someone in my life who cares so deeply about me. Her love for me inspires me to be successful.

I love being able to call and tell her I have made an A or that I made it into an organization I applied for. I can also tell her when I make mistakes or when something goes wrong. When I tell her I made a bad grade or got a rejection letter, she reassures me. Due to her reassurance, I am more confident in myself than I would be on my own.

My Grammie Lisa always makes sure the people she loves are taken care of and happy. If I were going on a field trip and needed money for lunch, she would give it to me. If I wanted to march in my high school band and my mom could not afford it, my Grammie would help pay for it. Her kindness and willingness to make me happy has always inspired me.

If she found out I went a whole day without eating, she would actually yell at me, therefore, when I have a friend who comes up to me and says, "I haven't eaten all day," my response will always be, "We are going to get food right now."

If someone tells me they do not have enough money for food, I will pay for it without even thinking about it. She has taught me to always take care of myself and to make sure the people I love are taken care of.

My Grammie Lisa is the reason I am who I am. She is the woman who "makes me happy when skies are gray." I hope to impact others the way she has impacted me. My Grammie Lisa taught me to be family oriented, nurturing, and has given me confidence in myself. So for that, I say Thank you, Grammie.