Before attending freshman orientation, I was most nervous to register for my classes. At the University of Georgia, each student must take a first-year seminar their freshman year. These are meant to be small classes in which you get to know a professor on a more personal level than a typical lecture class. First-year seminars have more unique topics and focuses that are one of a kind. Before registering for classes, it is advised to create a list of at least twenty potential first-year seminar classes that interest you. As I began registering, I noticed that all of the first-year seminars I was interested were full. In fact, I had to go with my fifteenth choice. At first, I was bummed. The class focused on modern art and its historical context. I have always loved art, so I thought "why not?"

From the first day of class, I was in love with the subject. My professor was amazing and so personable. She truly made every student feel important and heard. She taught us all about modern art and why it is still important today. As an art history professor, she explained how she became a professor and her travels and studies of art. I was already enrolled into the first Art History lecture class but having a first-year seminar also focused on art history opened my eyes to how amazing the subject was. I knew after taking this course that art history had a special place in my heart, and now I can say that art history is my minor. At first, I thought my first-year seminar was just something I would forget about, but it has truly impacted me in the best way. I am so thankful to have gotten my tenth choice at registration.