7 UVA Classes That You Should Sign Up For
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7 UVA Classes That You Should Sign Up For

7 UVA Classes That You Should Sign Up For

As a fourth year, I have had some trouble coming to terms with the fact that I will never be signing up for classes again. Sure, the sign-up process isn't the most fun, but it is a little weird to realize that whatever classes you don't take this semester, you will never actually get to take.      

That being said, I have had some amazing classes over the last few years here at UVA. Below is a list of some of my favorite classes, classes that in my opinion, everyone should consider taking, as they have truly opened my eyes in ways only a UVA education can. Keep in mind, I am an English major and Media Studies minor, so these choices are a little biased.  Also, there are plenty of other awesome classes at UVA, ones I (sadly) never got to take, and so can't include in this list.  Another note: Not all of these classes may be offered for Spring 2015. 

LASE 3600: UVA's Unforgettable Lectures

This one isn't exactly a secret, which is probably why it is arguably one of the hardest classes to get into at UVA and almost exclusively fourth years. Nevertheless, it's a pretty awesome class. It's a one-credit lecture that meets once a week. Basically every week they bring in a different UVA professor or lecturer to speak. We've covered topics ranging from the use of drones in military warfare to legal implications of sexual assault cases, and everything in between. It's very minimal work; it's just an opportunity to learn from all these amazing professors one last time before you graduate. 

HIEU 3692: The Holocaust 

I've taken several history classes at UVA, but this one has definitely been my favorite. It is taught by Gabriel Finder, who teaches several other classes on German and Jewish history and culture. Professor Finder is great; he is the sweetest guy, and knows everything there is to know about the topic. As a professor he is so approachable, and he really encourages students to come talk to him outside of class. The highlight of the class was definitely when Professor Finder's father, a Holocaust survivor, came in to speak to us about his experiences. It was one of those UVA moments I will remember long after graduation. 

MDST 3502: Shooting the Western 

If you ever take a film class, take one with Professor William Little. He regularly teaches four film classes: "Shooting the Western" and "American Gangster Film" in the fall, and "Screening Terrorism" and another one (this year, "Breaking Bad") in the spring. I took "Shooting the Western" with him last year, and it is still one of the best classes I've taken at UVA. He leads incredible discussions on really amazing films, and taking his class will force you to watch every film differently.   

PHIL 1740: Issues of Life and Death

This is a great philosophy course to take if you're just looking to try out philosophy, because it's fascinating and extremely relevant. The course goes through several different philosophical and culturally relevant issues surrounding life and death, including abortion, doctor-assisted suicide and world hunger. Plus, Professor Rebecca Stangl is awesome: sassy, intelligent and great at explaining such complex topics. 

RELC 3056: In Defense of Sin

This religion seminar is one of the most thought-provoking classes I have ever taken. The course examines Western perceptions of sin, both historically and theoretically, as well as examining each of the seven deadly sins in depth. The readings are fascinating and provocative, and I can honestly say that I have learned a lot about myself and my own religious views. Every week the discussion leaves me pondering the issues for days.

ENRN 3210/3220: Shakespeare I/Shakespeare II 

If you take a Shakespeare class, Katharine Maus is the professor to take it with. Her classes aren't easy, but she is a fabulous lecturer and really solidified my love for Shakespeare. She also almost always organizes a (non-required) class field trip to Staunton to see a play at the American Shakespeare Center.  It is not necessary to take both classes, but between the two, you get a pretty extensive survey of all of Shakespeare's work.

Special Topic Courses
Some of my favorite literature classes are classes that unfortunately are not offered every semester. Professors will often create a class for a single semester to explore a very particular topic in which they have an interest, and these seminar classes are almost always a lot of fun. While at UVA, I have taken special topic courses on everything from Queer Literature to Disability Theory, and they always open my eyes up to an entirely new area of study or new way of thinking. Obviously it depends on the topic, but I would highly suggest checking out some of these new, one-time-only classes. 
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