Each week in the fall I look forward to Saturdays and as I am sitting in my class I am constantly thinking about how I just wish it was the weekend. My love for game days really started when I was a child. I would wear the smock outfits and Mississippi State cheerleader outfits and I thought I was the coolest girl on the block. As I grew older and am now enrolled in college at Mississippi State University, I get to sit in the student which brings me to my first favorite thing. How loud, cheerful, and family feeling it is in the student section really makes me cry every game. From the National Anthem to when the stadium plays Surf And Swag song, I look out over the crowd and I see every with a hand on their friends shoulder swaying to the music and I think to myself “I am so grateful to be apart of this moment”. My next favorite thing about game days is the tailgate atmosphere. I love to walk through the junction and meet up with friends and family and eat delicious food. My family always come so it’s a great time to catch up with them and tell them about my week and also hear about what is going on in my hometown. Food is a huge part of game day for me and not only is tailgate food my favorite but also the stadium food as well. I will stand in line for an hour just so I can get the chicken strips and fries. It is absolutely delicious with a blue Powerade on a hot day and I look forward to it each home game. My last favorite thing about game days is the cloths! I love to look at what everyone is wearing and also pick out a cute outfit for myself. It’s so fun shopping for game days because I am always on the hunt to find something that nobody else will be wearing. I also love to share cloths with my friends! And those are my favorite things about gameday!!!